15 Facts About Fast-Food

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Fast foods are the foods that are prepared & served very easily and are cheap in price. They are easily affordable by anyone. Junk foods have now become an important part of today’s meal of growing kids, teenagers and youngsters, even adults also like it. There are various food outlets present in shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, colleges and now in offices also. Students and youngsters are readily attracted by its appealing appearance and inexpensive price. But most of them really don’t know the facts about fast foods and their harmful effects. Today, researches have proved that fast foods or Junk foods are one of the major causes of young deaths. Here are some facts about fast foods which will really helpful for those who are much concerned about their health.

15 Side Effects Of Fast-food

1. Fast foods are very rich in calories, and fat. Heavy consumption of fast food may cause childhood obesity which in turn causes type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

2. Trans fats are present in fast foods. This is known as a toxic fat and not good for anyone. It causes obesity, heart related disorders, arthritis and other disorders in later stage of life. This is very interesting fact about junk foods.

3. Fast foods also cause sleep disorder in growing kids.

4. Breathing problem is also related with heavy consumption of junk foods. It can cause asthma or bronchitis also.

5. Children eating large amount of junk foods are generally hyperactive. They are less capable to concentrate.

6. Fast foods have negative effect on child’s physical activity, mental growth as well as personality development.

7. It is proved that kids consuming large amount of fast foods have lower immunity than those who consume lesser amount. Immunity is very much affected by this and it can cause frequent illness. Shotokan Karate Do Coruña

8. Most of the fast foods are prepared by refined flour (maida) rather than whole wheat flour, which is deficient in fiber. Too much consumption of refined flour results in constipation.

9. Fast foods which are not properly cooked or prepared in unhygienic condition may cause diarrhea or food poisoning.

10. Another alarming fact is that, most of the junk foods are rich in salt. High salt intakes can increase blood pressure and edema also. Apart from this, strongly flavored and spicy fast foods cause acidity problem and heartburn.

11. Fast foods are deficient in vitamins, minerals, proteins and other micronutrients. Children who are greatly depending on these foods are often suffering from malnutrition.

12.Children consuming large amount of fast foods and carbonated beverages are more vulnerable to tooth decay and other dental problems.

13. Consuming large amount of fast foods has great impact on blood lipids. It can lead to low HDL or good cholesterol level and rise LDL or bad cholesterol level. Heart stroke and liver damage are also associated with heavy consumption of fast food.

14. Artificial colors are used in different types of fast foods and carbonated beverages to make them more attractive. These colors have side effects also. These artificial colors are not good for digestive system as well as carcinogenic (cancer causing agent) also.

15. Increasing rate of infertility in females is because of fast foods. Polycystic ovary disease is more common in overweight females.

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15 Facts About Fast-Food

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