Arthritis Diet




Arthritis is a pathological condition in which there is an inflammation of joints which results in pain and swelling.  A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins is good for the person suffering from arthritis.

The diet should include a variety of nutrients like low fat proteins, low GI carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables in right proportions.  The patient should take a moderate amount of unsaturated fat, but should cut down the consumption of saturated fat.

The food that builds up a strong immune system should be taken.  The foods that obstruct or delay the process of detoxification and irritate the digestive tract should be avoided.  Oily fish is good for the arthritis patients. Deep fried food and foods containing lots of refined sugar should be avoided as these will increase the inflammation of joints.  Sugar also reduces the T-cells’ ability to fight against infection.


Carbohydrates like rice, wheat, pasta and potatoes provide our body with sufficient energy and help our body to stay healthy.  Carbohydrates also provide us with sufficient calories that our body needs. They help to remove the toxins from the bowel. Carbohydrates also contain nutrients like calcium, vitamin B and iron.

Carbohydrates should contribute a third of the total calories that we consume. Carbohydrates that are high in fiber and have a low GI are beneficial because that will keep us fuller for a long time and keep our blood sugar levels even. The high fiber varieties are more bulky and occupy more space in the stomach and make us feel full.

The sufficient intake of protein in the diet is very important to keep every single cell and tissue in the body healthy. Food like fish, egg, chicken, red lean meat, beans, nuts, cereals, dairy products, lentil and tofu are rich in protein.  Including these items in the diet will meet the required amount of protein for our body.

Much of the vitamins and minerals are stored in the fruits and vegetables.  The person suffering from arthritis should take at least three fruits a day and include sufficient servings of vegetables in the meals. Vitamin C and vitamin E are powerful anti-oxidants and they can be taken in the form of pills.  Such anti-oxidants will neutralize the free radicals which damage cartilage and cause inflammation. Știri de ultimă oră din Spania

Fat is an essential nutrient for the people suffering from arthritis.  It provides energy and helps to absorb vitamins in our body.  Our body needs about 25 grams of fat in a day.  But over consumption of fatty items causes many pathological conditions in our body.

Fats are of two types.  The unsaturated fats which are found in oily fish, nuts, olive oil, and some margarine are good for our body and sufficient amount of such food should be included in our diet.  Taking saturated fats should be avoided.  Using olive oil in cooking will reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

This will also help to fight heart disease by lowering the cholesterol and homocyteine levels.  On the other hand, the saturated fats found in butter, cream topped cakes, vegetable oils, ghee and pastry contain high level of cholesterol and homocysteine.  The increase in these elements give raise to hypertension, hyperglycemia and other conditions which further leads to heart problems, renal problems, nervous problems and other chronic health problems.

The unsaturated fats or the essential fats lower the inflammation in our body.  But this function is blocked by the saturated fats. The arthritis patients should consume plenty of water.  Nearly 70% in our body consists of water. An average person needs about 1.5 liters of water a day. Drinking fruit juice, flavored water and herbal tea is recommended for the arthritis patients.

But the intake of coffee, bottled drinks and alcohol should be reduced as they are diuretics and will result in the loss of fluid in our body. Water helps the kidneys to flush out the toxins, which are responsible for worsening the arthritis symptoms.   Water also strengthens our immune system and helps in carrying the essential nutrients to different parts of our body.

Salt should be taken in moderate amount.  It is necessary to maintain the correct water balance in the body.  Apart from following a healthy diet regimen, steps should be taken to keep our body weight in control.  With the help of a good dietician a regular diet schedule should be followed and proper exercise should be done under the supervision of good trainers.  This will reduce the symptoms of an arthritis patient.

Arthritis Diet

Arthritis Diet

Arthritis is a pathological condition in which there is an inflammation of joints which results in pain and swelling.  A balanced diet rich in vitamins, miner





Arthritis Diet
Arthritis Diet

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