Balanced Diet For Athletes

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Athletes need extra energy as compared to others as they have to push their body to a certain extent for running and other purposes. This exertion of an athlete’s body beyond the normal level of tolerance increases the chances of tissue injury.

As compared to a normal person the amount of calories burnt by an athlete are more. Athletes also sweat more. They should have a balanced diet and include all types of nutrients in their daily diet plan. And for athletes, it is even more important to concentrate on their diet.

Now days, there are a lot of food supplements in the market. These food supplements are not good for health because they contain many types of artificial substances. Athletes have trainers.

Some of these trainers put their athletes on high protein supplements and some tell them to restrain from having excess carbohydrates and fats. This results in sluggishness and listlessness.

Here are some tips for athletes who are cautious about their diets. First of all, keep in mind, that avoiding junk food is must. It is not necessary that you stop having junk food completely. An occasional snack of cookies, pastries, burgers, etc is allowed.

Avoiding this type of food is necessary because it contains Trans – fats, lot of calories and different types of sugars. And the main aim of athletes is to burn calories to stay fit. Always eat a variety of food. Do not stick to only one type of food that is your favorite.

It is important that you include all types of nutrients in your diet plan. And this will require having different food products which are healthy for you. Have at least three meals in one day. If you feel hungry then also, increase the amount of food you eat.

A healthy diet for athletes should include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, soup, fish, cheese; rice, dairy products, etc. Also remember to have water every day. Water hydrates our skin and also improves the metabolism of our body.

It is important that an athlete has about 10 – 12 glasses per day. An athlete should just have natural and healthy food items. All artificial supplements should be avoided.

Balanced Diet For Athletes

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