Best Cheerleading Exercises




Although cheerleading looks so effortless but it is actually an intensely physical activity entailing tricky jumps, perfect tumbles and sophisticated stunts. Having good abs, core strength and flexibility is necessary for cheerleading. The exercises illustrated herewith will help to condition the body and strengthen muscles while improving balance as well as mobility.


Warm Up Exercises

Stretching warm up exercises should be performed before and after any workout or exercise plan to enhance flexibility and prevent any form of injury.

Shoulder Stretches

Shoulder stretch exercise is performed by outstretching your arms in front of you. Now, with your left hand outstretched use your right hand for grabbing and locking it. The right elbow will jut out while the right hand will make partial contact with your right shoulder. Once this position is attained then turn your upper body to your right whilst seated down until your left hand points to your right side. Hold for thirty seconds prior to doing it on the other hand or side as well.

Back And Side Stretches

Stretch your arms in front of you whilst standing erect and then twist from side to side. Do ten twists while standing up tall.

Hip And Leg Stretches

Come on your knees over an exercise mat. Now place your right leg ahead with knee over ankle. Lean forwards with left hand placed over right knee, back erect while your right hand is slowly stretched behind to grab the left sole. Hold for thirty seconds and repeat on the other side.

Best Cheerleading Exercises

Elucidated herewith are some of the finest exercises to hone cheerleading skills. Cursos gratis en Youtube

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Exercise I

Start off by lying supine over your stomach over an exercise mat. Lift your body off the mat and ensure it is flat alike a board with all its weight supported on the two elbows making contact with the mat, shoulders erect, arms positioned perpendicularly while the hands clasped together on the mat for engaging the abdominal muscles.

The body is essentially hoisted mid-air forming a straight line whilst propped solely on the elbows and toes. A neutral spine as well as taut core must be maintained while the body is positioned straight. Hold the pose for ten seconds and then relax the body.

Exercise II

This exercise targets the oblique muscles and can be performed by firstly positioning yourself sideways on the mat with legs placed one on top of the other. After lining the wrist, elbow and shoulder start by firstly being seated with bottom legs bent and the upper leg straightened out for firstly getting your balance right. We’ll be lifting with our oblique muscles which will work and tighten our sides.

The body is then hoisted up with body weight placed entirely on the palm placed flattened on the mat, body pulled up rather than sagging, whilst the legs extend out, piled one on top of the other. Hold the position for a minimum of twenty seconds. The exercise must be performed on your left as well as right side of the body.

Exercise III

For developing good jump technique we will practice some effective plyometric exercises. Begin by standing erect, feet together and hands outstretched above your head and clasped together. Now, push off your toes whilst jumping on the four corners of an imaginary square and the heels never touching the ground.

The next drill is jumping side-to-side which is similar to what is just explained though one would be bouncing sideways over an imaginary line on the toes with hands outstretched and clasped.

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Best Cheerleading Exercises

Best Cheerleading Exercises

Warm Up ExercisesShoulder StretchesBack And Side StretchesHip And Leg StretchesBest Cheerleading Exercises





Best Cheerleading Exercises
Best Cheerleading Exercises

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