Blood Type And Diet

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The energy required to carry out the various function of the body is obtained from the food we consume. If you consume food depending on your blood group, then it helps to reduce the body weight, improves resistance power, avoids infection and provides overall healthiness.

This is because the food one consumes may reacts with the blood type and cause agglutination of blood cells and reactions in certain organs. Following are the food types ideal for various blood types

Blood Type Diet

Diet for Blood Type A

Compared to other blood groups ‘A’ blood group is of thicker consistency. They have sensitized immune system and are at higher risk from cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. They should follow a vegetarian diet with more fruits and vegetables included in their diet. Tofu, legumes, grains, beans, seafood are ideal for such people while they should stay away from dairy products, meats or animal fats. Intake of pineapple, soy foods, vegetables, vegetable oil etc will help these people to lose weight.

Diet for Blood Type B

People having this type of blood can overcome most of the common ailments in daily life as well as heart disease and cancer. Hence they can be a balanced omnivore who can take fruits, vegetables, legumes, dairy, meat, fish, grains but should avoid chicken. Intake of foods such as sesame, peanuts, lentils, wheat, egg, liver, licorice, greens, tea etc aid them to lose weight. Receta Bizcocho de papaya

Diet for Blood Type AB

People having this blood type can combine the diet of both A and B type blood but better to have vegetarian diet with occasional dairy, fish and meat products. However care should be taken to avoid chicken. Buck wheat, corn, red meat, lima beans etc should be avoided to loss weight. Similarly having pineapple, greens, seafood, tofu, kelp etc can help them to lose weight.

Diet for Blood Type O

‘O’ groupers have a thin blood type that is difficult to get clotted and they are prone to develop hypothyroidism and ulcer as they have higher stomach acids. Hence the ideal diet for these people is high protein diet that includes red meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, low carbohydrate products etc. But they should avoid the consumption of wheat germ, corn, dairy products, nuts, whole wheat etc. Consuming foods such as spinach, kale, liver, seafood, kelp, red meat and broccoli can help such people to lose weight.

Blood Type And Diet

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