Breathing Exercises for Relief from Stress and Anxiety

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The power of our breath keeps us alive. The quality of our breathing determines our health! Breath is a major source of energy, apart from food and rest. It was recently discovered that most people use only about 15% of their lung capacity. Thus, the quantity of breath we take in less than what our body requires. This inadequate breathing results in poor health, frequent headaches, weak immune system, fatigue, lethargy, etc.

Benefits of breathing exercises:

With regular practice of breathing exercise, you will be fresh and energetic. Your over-all productivity increases tremendously. Irritability, restlessness and mood swings will be wiped off your system. Your decision making capability increases. Digestion improves, immunity strengthens. Migraine and stress headaches will stop. Certain breathing techniques have been proved to cure even psychosomatic diseases!

With the wide grown popularity of yoga, many people are taking classes for proper breathing techniques. Leaning from a qualified teacher is always the best way to learn something. But if you are unable to find yourself one, do not be disheartened!

There several simple breathing exercises which can be practiced without a teacher.

Sit and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply with your nose so that your tummy bulges out. Hold the breath for few seconds. Conectando (2020) Tráiler Oficial Español Latino

Breathe out completely that your tummy contracts in. Repeat 10 times.

The most important part of breathing exercises is being with you. So, dump all the bothering issues at home, office and those other places.

If you wish you can take a brisk walk for 20 minutes, in a garden. However, instead of listening to music in your I-pod, concentrate on your breaths. Keep taking deep breaths as you walk.

Then sit and relax. Close your eyes and feel the sweat allover you body. Keep the breathing normal, without applying external force.

Closing your right nostril with one of your fingers, continue to breathe only with the left one. Take smooth deep breaths. After about ten breaths, repeat the same with the other nostril. According to yogic texts, left side induces cooling, while the right side induces heat. By breathing alternately, you can regulate the heat-cold balance in your body!

Breathing exercises are very powerful; if practiced incorrectly, they can cause the reverse effect! Hence, all advance exercises must be learnt from a yoga teacher. You can also search the Internet for detailed information and videos on breathing techniques.

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