Cancer Diet

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Cancer is a malignant growth caused by uncontrolled and abnormal cell division and if left untreated it spreads to different parts of the body and leads to mortality.

There are 17 different types of cancers and the activity, diet, lifestyle etc plays a major role in developing cancer. Obesity is a major factor that increases the risk of getting cancer.

Even though there are different types of treatments, the food one person consume has immense power to make the body ready to fight the cancerous cells. Certain foods increase the chances for getting cancer and hence they should be eliminated from the diet.


Avoid the foods that contain fat and plan a diet that has less of hydrogenated fats and saturated fats. This is because cancer cell needs low density lipoproteins (LDL) to grow and consumption of more fats stimulates the production of bile which is essential to digest the fat and if mote bile gets stagnated in the large intestine it leads to the formation of apocholic acid which is carcinogenic.

Eating of the right fat such as monounsaturated fats in vegetable oils, unsaturated fats in legumes, omega 3 fatty acids in sea food, flax seed, canola oil, soybean etc are ideal for anti-cancer diet. Avoid oils that are high in saturated fats such as coconut oil, cotton seed oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil etc.


Include more fiber in the diet so that fibers bind with the carcinogenic substances in the body and move them faster through the intestine to get eliminated from the body. Besides removing the carcinogenic substances, bile etc, fiber binds with the estrogen and there by reduces its effect on cells and avoids the risk of breast cancer. The ideal fibers for preventing and treating cancer includes legumes, wheat bran, whole wheat, prunes, whole grains etc.

Fruits and Vegetables
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Most of the fruits and vegetables contain flavones, phenols, indols, isothiocyanates, cumines etc which are often called as neutralizing agents prevents the carcinogenic substances from reaching the targeted area.

Cruciferous vegetables contain certain chemicals like indoles, sulforaphane etc that boost immunity while blocking the enzymes that attracts carcinogenic substances. Hence cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, red peppers, kidney beans, red peppers can lower the risks for getting cancer.

Avoid red meat, refined flour, dairy products, food additives etc from the diet to avoid cancer and instead include more raw nuts and seeds, green tea, wheat grass, barley grass, mangosteen juice etc.

Barley grass has the potential to kill cancer cells as it is a good antioxidant. Drink as much as water as one can but ensure that the water does not contains any fluoride and chlorine.

Cancer Diet

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