Chicken Nutrition

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We all know that chicken is a highly nutritious food loaded with number of mineral and vitamins. Chicken contains unsaturated fat that helps in lowering down the cholesterol level of your body.

The skin of chicken can be removed to get rid of extra fats and to improve its nutritional value. You can make use of baking, grilling, poaching and roasting ways of cooking to ensure that chicken retain its maximum nutrients. Explore article below to know about more health benefits of eating chicken in diet.

You would be glad to know that intake of chicken by older people helps in fighting against the problem of bone loss. This is because chicken is loaded with high amount of protein content.

Chicken is rich in niacin vitamin that guards your body against cancer ailment in an effective way. Remember that niacin deficiency can cause genetic (DNA) damage. You would be glad to read that 72% of niacin daily requirements can be easily fulfilled by four-ounce chicken serving. Isn’t it good news?

Selenium mineral is present in chicken in high quantities which helps in thyroid hormone metabolism. Also, it helps in boosting immunity in body and antioxidant defense systems of body.

You would be glad to read that chicken is the best source of high quality lean protein, which is very important for the growth and development of various body organs. Also, its regular intake can help in losing weight.

Since chicken is highly rich in niacin and vitamin B6, its acts as a wonderful energy food item. It greatly supports the energy metabolism in body. These vitamins also aid enzymes to carry out metabolic reactions in a nice manner.

Chicken meat is highly rich in phosphorous mineral too which helps in achieving healthy teeth and bones. Also, it aids in healthy functioning of liver, central nervous system and kidneys.

But keep in mind, excess intake of chicken can lead increase the risk of acute coronary syndrome leading to heart tacks, plaque rupture and blood clot formation. You would be sad to know that chicken contains purines that break down to form uric acid and thus causing number of health problems in body.

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