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There is a lot of stress on including meats in your diet if you want to lose weight. They are rich in protein, which is very important in your diet. Most diets recommend eating more of protein rich foods to help you lose weight, especially diets that endorse a low carb lifestyle. They satisfy your hunger easily and makes you feel full for a considerably longer period of time. Though they are an excellent source of protein, like any other food, there are rules for inclusion of meats in your diet also.

Firstly, don’t pick on fried chicken, hot dogs, corn dogs and fish sticks because they are high sources of protein. They are also simultaneously high in fats. Processed meats are very harmful for you, they contain high amount of saturated fats and nitrates. Pick leans meats and cuts like chicken, turkey breast, and fish instead.

Stay away from hot dogs, sausages, salami, bacon. If you do like bacon, try the lean Canadian bacon instead. In addition, some health food stores sell healthier and low fat varieties of meat also.

Even among different types of meats, some varieties are healthier than others. Some meats contain a high percentage of fat, so avoid eating mutton and beef. Switch to chicken, fish and turkey instead. Instead of beef, try eating venison or bison meat. They are healthier and have lesser percentage of fats.

Grass fed beef and bison are also healthier options. Seafoods are an excellent source of protein. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and many other healthy oils. Cold water oily ocean fish are considered very healthful. Try to eat fish at least two or three times in a week.

Although protein is good for you, refrain from cooking your lean meats in a greasy style. Cook your meats with minimum amount of oil. Instead of fried chicken have roast or grilled chicken. Try baked fish and chicken, they are very healthy. Try to boil, shallow fry, roast, grill, or sauté the meats you are eating. Steamed meats accompanied with salad or vegetables are a very healthy choice for your meals.

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