Cook Luscious Broccoli Casserole n Your Kitchen

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If you are inviting your friends to your home for a dinner, you can prefer a healthy and luscious item to surprise them. Yes, Broccoli Casserole can be an amazing recipe for you to dole out to your friends.

With a unique taste and more nutritional values, it is a famous recipe in America. Here is the recipe of broccoli casserole for you to try a hand. This article describes you how to prepare broccoli casserole in your kitchen. You can learn the set by step method and make a delicious broccoli casserole with your own hand.


Broccoli 450 gm

Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup 2 cans

Rice 2 cups

Onion (large sized) 3

Butter ¼ cup

Cheese Sauce 1 jar

Black Pepper to taste

Salt (to taste)


To make your dish healthier and tasty, you need to wash the broccoli finely with fresh water before you cook it (you also ought to prefer fresh broccoli for your dish to make it tastier). Then, you can chop it into fine pieces and move on to the next step keeping aside the broccoli pieces.

Now, you need to wash the rice and add it to a pressure cooker. Add enough water to the cooker to boil the rice well. Keep it on flame and heat it until the rice become soft and cooked well. Once you see the rice is cooked, you can extinguish the flame and transfer it to a bowl removing the water fully. Keep the bowl covered to keep the warmth of rice. Luffy’s Gear Fifth Weakness May Decide One Piece’s Future

In this stage, you have to slice the onions small pieces and set aside. Then, take a deep bottomed frying pan and heat it in a medium heat. You need to add the butter to it and, when the butter is melted as it gets hotter, add the chopped onions to it. You can stir it well for some time and reduce the heat. Once the onions get a light brown color, you can remove them and transfer to a dry bowl.

After that, add the sliced broccoli to the same pan and stir well. You ought to fry it well keeping the flame at a medium level (fry the broccoli pieces at least for six minutes). After that, reduce the heat and add the condensed cream of mushroom soup to the pan stirring properly. Then, add the cooked rice to the mixture and stir once more.

In this stage, you can keep the flame at a medium level and add the cheese sauce to the mixture. After mixing it well with the other ingredients, you can add the fried onion slices to the pan. At last, add required salt and a pinch of black pepper to the mixture. After blending them well, put out the flame and transfer the mixture to a casserole dish.

Now, heat an oven at common heat and, as it is ready for baking, arrange the casserole dish in it. You have to bake it for at least 45 minutes in the same heat. After that, you can transfer the dish to a serving plate. Your Broccoli casserole is now ready to be served.

Cook Luscious Broccoli Casserole n Your Kitchen

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