Dangers Of Drinking Soy Milk




Soy bean is a very common and helpful bean. Many food products are obtained from this bean. The soy bean is a very rich source of protein. Therefore all the food products processed from this bean have a very high percentage of protein in them.

Soy bean is consumed in many forms, and a very common form of soy bean which is eaten by people is soy bean in the form of a drink or beverage. This beverage form of soy bean is more commonly termed as soy milk. Being a product of soy bean, it is very rich in protein and therefore serves as a very healthy drink. Soy milk is also referred to as soy juice, soya milk, soya bean milk or soy drink/beverage.


The nutrient constitution of soy milk is as follows: 2.9% carbohydrate, 3.5% protein, 2% fat and 0.5% ash. The amount of nutrients present in cow’s milk is similar to soy milk. But many people tend to prefer soy milk over cow’s milk. The idea of most individuals is that the amount of protein in soy milk is more than that of cow’s milk, and hence they prefer soy milk as their health drink.

Soy milk protein is good for children in their growing stage as it gives them the proper amount of nutrients. This milk is also good for athletes as it gives them the proper energy and protein for their individual sports. In health problems such as shortage of protein in any individual, this milk can be very helpful as it meets the proper protein need of the body. Even the best things in the world, has its flaws. And therefore it is very important for you to know the dangers associated with drinking soy milk.

Harmful Effects of Soy milk

Soy milk is a very rich source of protein for your body, but you should have a proper knowledge of soy milk before consuming it. Soy milk has a number of dangers with it which are very harmful for your body. The soy milk that you get from the market has added vitamins and calcium in it which causes organic soy milk dangers. This milk when consumed for a very long time causes internal damages to your health which leads to several health problems. These are some common problems that are caused by soy milk.

On women

It has been found that the intake of soy milk reduces the risk of breast cancer in many parts of the world. But this fact is limited and incomplete. It is said by doctors that after menopause women should not consume any form of omega 6polysaturated fatty acids as it increases the risk of cancer. Like any vegetable oil, soybean oil is rich in this fatty acid.

Therefore postmenopausal women may have a high risk of breast cancer if soy milk is consumed by them. Other effects of soy milk on women include the possibility of getting endometrial cancer and hypothyroidism which causes bloating up of their bodies.soy milk also causes abnormalities in the reproductive tracts of females which can later lead to infertility and cause other intense problems. If you are pregnant then you should stay away from soy milk, as the soy milk estrogen may have harmful effect on your baby. Korean Beauty

On men

The amount of phytoestrogen present in soy milk is very high. When men drink this soy milk, it reduces the testosterone present in his body. Soy milk should not be given to growing boys as it brings about an early puberty in them. Adolescent boys should not drink this milk as it causes an early development in them which becomes a problem in later life.

Soy Milk  Causes Allergy

The occurrence of allergy is very common in case of soy milk. The people who are generally affected by allergy from soy milk are children. The diagnosis of children who have consumed soy milk has proved that soy milk causes allergy in children. The blood test and skin diagnosis of many children has proved that soy milk carries the risk of causing certain allergies.

Usually within minutes after the soy milk has been consumed, individuals have been found to suffer from urticaria and angioedema due to soy allergy. In some rare cases of soy allergy, a particular problem called anaphylaxis has also occurred. Some symptoms of allergy have been seen in infants and babies due to the consumption of soy milk.

If you have a very young infant, then you should not feed him soy milk or soy based formulas as this may cause diarrhea and vomiting. In older infants, even severe problems have been found. When these older infants had consumed soy milk they have been found to suffer from vomiting, diarrhea which is bloody, severe weight loss and anemia.

Some General Health Problems Caused by Soy Milk

There are a few general health problems which affect those who drink soy milk. Soy milk contains a particular acid called phytic acid which decreases the amount of vitamins and minerals absorbed by the human body. Aluminum present in soy milk affects the kidneys and the nervous system in a negative way.

Some particular incidences have been found where people consuming soy milk have suffered from many ailments such as dizziness, nausea, colitis, diarrhea and increase or decrease in pulse rate. Many cases have also been seen where people have suffered from nasal congestion and runny nose. If you have children, then it is best to keep them away from soy milk as it causes dyslexia, learning disorder and attention deficient disorder. It can also create pancreatic problems and problems related to your child’s growth. In severe cases anaphylactic shock and swallowing problems have also been seen.

If you want to choose the proper food for your diet then it is very important for you to know the dangers before selecting the food item. Soy milk has its own benefits but the dangers associated with it need to be known by you before consuming it. Know the dangers, choose your food well and live a healthy and happy life.

Dangers Of Drinking Soy Milk

Dangers Of Drinking Soy Milk

Soy bean is a very common and helpful bean. Many food products are obtained from this bean. The soy bean is a very rich source of protein. Therefore all the fo






Dangers Of Drinking Soy Milk
Dangers Of Drinking Soy Milk

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