Delicious Pasta Alla Checca Recipe

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Vegetarian delight, Pasta Alla Checca is a simple, quick and delicious dish from Italy that doesn’t involve any heating apart from the pasta. It is ideally savoured during the sultry months when one doesn’t want to spend too much time sweating over a hot gas stove.

If you are an avid tomato grower or prefer purchasing them from locally placed farmer’s marts then this is just the dish for you. Avoid picking soggy, flavorless tomatoes as it can ruin the dish. Moreover, select a fruity, top-quality extra-virgin olive oil to heighten the flavour of this refreshing recipe.

Pasta Alla Checca Recipe

Take maximum advantage of the freshest tomatoes that are so bountiful during the summer season. Actually, the secret to making this dish an utter success lies in the use of the freshest, ripest and most flavourful tomatoes.

They should then be allowed to drain for ample amount of time for getting riddance of any excessive water which ultimate helps to concentrate the flavour of the tomatoes.Heirloom or heritage tomatoes too are great for this dish as they taste good when eaten fresh. Using the freshest, properly drained mozzarella (cow/buffalo) would add rich creaminess to this revitalizing recipe.

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

Total Time: 3 Hours, 20 Minutes

Serves: 4


Tomatoes, uncooked and freshest (7-8)

Garlic pods, finely chopped (4)

Extra-virgin olive oil (two tablespoons)

Balsamic vinegar (two teaspoons)

Fresh Basil, chopped (a tablespoon)

Fresh Thyme, chopped (a tablespoon)

Fresh Oregano, chopped (a tablespoon)

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella (80 grams)

Salt and freshly cracked black peppercorns, according to taste

Red pepper powder (half teaspoon)

Pasta, dry (453 grams)

Zucchini or cucumber, slivers (a tablespoon) (optional)

Capers (half teaspoon), optional

Black olives, chopped (a teaspoon), optional


The tomatoes are firstly peeled and then diced into bite-size pieces. They are now placed in a strainer and some salt is sprinkled over the tomatoes. After mixing properly it is allowed to drain for a minimum of an hour’s time. After draining the tomatoes are combined properly with the balsamic vinegar, bashed garlic pods, finely chopped herbs like basil, oregano, thyme, extra-virgin olive oil, red pepper powder and freshly cracked black peppercorns.

Use a non-metallic container or bowl for this. After covering with cling or plastic film set aside at indoor temperature for a minimum of two hours or even up to ten hours. For busy-bees who are pressed for time and rather not wait for the flavour to meld could try this step. Simply add heated olive oil over the seasoned drained tomatoes and herbs mixture which triggers a good sizzle and brings out the flavours. We now proceed with cooking the pasta.

For this firstly heat up the water and add salt to the extent that it tastes like sea water. The water is then brought to boiling point and pasta added to it. Bear in mind that the pasta has to be cooked till slightly underdone or al dente or have a slight bite to them.

Thereafter, the pasta is drained and added to the bowl. Finally toss in the fresh, drained and cubed buffalo mozzarella. Cover with a plastic film and let it sit for two to three minutes to allow the mozzarella to slightly melt. Optionally, one can add freshly grated parmesan cheese over the pasta and serve.

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Delicious Pasta Alla Checca Recipe

Vegetarian delight, Pasta Alla Checca is a simple, quick and delicious dish from Italy that doesn’t involve any heating apart from the pasta. It is ideally s





Delicious Pasta Alla Checca Recipe

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