Delicious Recipe For Latkes




Crunchy, golden fried latkes taste heavenly when eaten right out of the deep fryer though they can be kept warm in a 250 degree oven till they are served.


Delicious Recipe For Latkes

Classic latke recipe has potato as the main star ingredient though you can also use sweet potatoes, grated carrots, zucchini or grated cheese in the latke mixture to get a healthier and tastier dish.

Preparation Time: 40 minutesCooking Time: 10 minutesTotal Time: 50 minutesServes: 10


Large-sized floury, baking or old potatoes (4)

Medium-sized onion (1)

All purpose Flour (2 tablespoons)

Egg (1)

Chilli powder (1/8 teaspoon)

Chopped fresh dill, thyme or parsley (1.5 tablespoon)

Freshly squeezed lime (1 tablespoon)

Soda bicarb (half teaspoon)

Salt (half teaspoon)

Freshly cracked black pepper (quarter teaspoon)

Canola oil (4 tablespoons)


Strip off the skins from the potatoes and finely grate them along with the onion into a large bowl filled three-fourths with cold water and set aside for about thirty minutes. No form of rinsing is required.

In the interim, add the flour, egg, chilli powder, soda bicarb, freshly cracked black peppercorns, chopped herb, lemon juice and salt and beat well till no lumps are left and a smooth, even consistency is noticed and let it stay. Todo sobre videojuegos

The grated potatoes and onions must now be drained, rinsed and placed in a strainer (perforated bowl). Manually wring out as much water as doable by firstly pressing and squeezing firmly the latke mixture between the palms of your hands and then squeezing further with paper towels till one is essentially left with minimal dampness. For great latkes ensure that this step is done properly to mop up all the moisture.

Once the grated potatoes and onions have been dried out then place them into a bowl and pour in the contents of the smooth egg mixture that we earlier prepared. Combine well with a spatula or your hands and you are essentially left with the potato latke mixture that is ready to undergo the frying process.

The mixture should be covered with a plastic film to block out any air and not letting it come in contact with the potatoes and thus avoid any oxidation and darkening. Potato latkes are a dish that shouldn’t be prepared in advance or stored and it is recommended to prepare a fresh batch, fry instantly and serve.

In a ten to twelve inches wide cast iron skillet add some canola oil to a height of around a quarter-inch. Begin heating the vessel on medium-high temperature and no sooner has the oil begun shimmering then gently drop the latke mixture in quarter-cup heaps and flatten with the backside of a slotted spoon to form about half-an-inch thick, roughly circular latkes measuring about three inches in diameter.

The latkes must be cooked for about five minutes per side. Once the edges start crisping and appear light brownish then flick them and lower the flame to medium setting. As the latke mixture is basically raw potatoes hence give it sufficient time to properly cook through. If you use medium-high to high temperature setting while frying the latkes then the edges will often turn dark brown and the middle portion would still not be tender enough.

Your potato latkes can be served with a topping of salmon slices, chopped dill or thyme and a dollop of sour cream or freshly prepared apple sauce.

Delicious Recipe For Latkes

Delicious Recipe For Latkes

Delicious Recipe For LatkesPreparation Time: 40 minutesCooking Time: 10 minutesTotal Time: 50 minutesServes: 10IngredientsProcedure





Delicious Recipe For Latkes
Delicious Recipe For Latkes

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