Diet For Curing Diabetes

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Today, more or less every two person out of three are diabetic.  Diabetes is a health disorder where the glucose level gets abnormally increased in the body. There are two types of Diabetic.

Type I kind of diabetes occurs when body fails to make enough insulin to keep the body sugar under control; and Type II kind of diabetes generally occurs in the overweight individuals where the body makes insulin but the body tissues resists its effect on them.

Diabetes causes an unpredictable increase of glucose level within the body which leads to the kidney failure. This tendency is prevalent in about 20% of the total patients suffering from the disease.  It is to be noted that Diabetes is a non-curable disease i.e. it cannot be cured totally but I has to be kept in control.

There are number of means for keeping diabetes under control such as insulin doses, oral hypoglycemic drugs and regular diet control. These means can be used individually or in combination of one, two or all. In this article we are going to talk about Diabetic Diet.

Diabetic Diet is determined the dieticians considering the height, weight, sex, physical activity and the nature of diabetes of the patient. They also take into account the other bodily complications such as blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. The main objective of diabetic diet is to control the sugar level in the body along with ideal weight and physical composition. This is achieved by having a balanced nutrition, regular exercise. Garmin Fenix 3

A diabetic patient should practice certain disciplines which will ensure them a faster result of the diet. They are:

a) eating same amount of food and at about the same time on regular basis,

b) should keep the gaps between the food short

c) limit the intake of the amount of fats and sweet

d) take medicines regularly and at about the same time on regular basis

e) exercise at about the same time every day

f) take a lot of water to flush out toxins from the body

f) and finally take a good and sound sleep.To sum it up, a diabetic patient should lead a routine and discipline life; there is no scope of erratic schedules.

A diabetic patient should be well aware of his/her health and take enough care for themselves. Diabetic patients should be aware of their sugar level and calories and work towards obtaining an ideal weight. A combination of regular exercise and regular follow of balanced and diabetic diet will ensure that they lead a healthy life for long even with diabetes.

Diet For Curing Diabetes

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