Diet For Kidney Disease




Kidney plays an important role in eliminating the metabolic wastes from our body.  It also maintains our body’s fluid and electrolyte level.  Kidney’s endocrine function is to secrete renin and erythropoietin.

Renin is a substance which is important in controlling the blood pressure and erythropoietin regulates the production of red blood cells.  But when the kidney stops functioning they no longer filter out water and chemical wastes from the blood and then reabsorb or excrete them as required.

As a result toxic waste products built up in the blood leads to a condition known as uremia, which cause various health problems like hypertension, serious infection, heart failure or hemorrhage. If the progress of kidney disease or renal failure is not controlled, dialysis or transplant of kidney becomes inevitable.


Yet through proper diet this condition can be controlled or delayed.  There are several complications associated with kidney disease.  Each of these disorders has specific dietary requirements. Prevention is better than cure.  Before this disease is diagnosed it is advisable that every individual should drink plenty of water everyday, in order to avoid the formation of kidney stones.

Dehydration caused due to excess heat, exercise, vomiting or diarrhea may form stones in the kidney.  The quantity of water intake differs from individual to individual. Salt and sodium intake should be restricted by the kidney patients because the damaged kidneys cannot control the salt and sodium level in the blood.  When the level of salt and sodium increases the patient will feel thirsty and will have an urge to drink more water.

But the kidneys are unable to excrete the excess sodium.  Excess of fluid retention in the body will lead to edema.  As a result there will be puffy eyes and ankles, fluid in lungs also affect breathing. The patient’s ability to excrete the excess potassium and phosphorus also deteriorates.  Therefore the food rich in potassium and phosphorus should be restricted in order to prevent abnormally high potassium levels in the blood, which leads to muscle weakness and affects the heart and other muscle tissues. Camas articuladas

Potassium is present in bananas, avocado, pears, chocolate, dried fruits, pulses and seeds.  Instant coffee and powdered milk are also rich in potassium levels.  They should be taken in limited quantity. A high fiber diet is recommended for the kidney patients in order to maintain healthy bowel function.

The food like wholegrain cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables that contain high level of fiber but low level of potassium or phosphorus should be taken by them.  Many fresh fruits and vegetables contain a rich amount of potassium.  The patient on a low potassium diet can eat some of them stewed and strained, as potassium is lost when they are cooked.

A balance of phosphorus and calcium is essential for healthy bones. If the calcium level is decreased there will be a high concentration of phosphorus in the blood.  The decrease of calcium level also leads to bone disease.  The protein food should be taken in moderate amount.  This alleviates symptoms like loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting; which occurs because the kidneys fail to excrete the chemical compounds.

Drinking plenty of water dissolves the kidney stones, but when there is total renal failure, the fluid intake should be restricted because in such condition the essential nutrients are also excreted.  Taking too much of water also leads to edema.  Following a carefully monitored and tailored diet regimen will the kidney patients to lead a normal healthy life.

Diet For Kidney Disease

Diet For Kidney Disease

Kidney plays an important role in eliminating the metabolic wastes from our body.  It also maintains our body’s fluid and electrolyte level.  Kidney’s en





Diet For Kidney Disease
Diet For Kidney Disease

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