Diet For Liver Disease

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Liver is situated in the right upper quadrant of the abdominopelvic region.  It plays an important role in maintaining the internal balance of our body.  One of the main functions of liver is bile secretion.

The liver secretes bile which is stored in the gall bladder and then passes into duodenum.  Here it breaks down fats into tiny globules to make them more digestible.  Liver plays an active role in the formation of certain blood proteins.  Liver store glucose in the form of glycogen and maintain blood sugar level.

Liver also stores some vitamins like vitamin A, D and B12.  The liver is the body’s main detoxifier and it removers poisons, drugs, alcohol and nicotine from the blood stream.   Liver also helps in the synthesis of coagulation factors.

All theses functions of liver will be impaired if the liver is not healthy.  Viral hepatitis is one of the most common liver diseases caused due to viral infection.  Excessive use of drugs and alcohols also damage the liver permanently.  Chronic inflammation of liver leads to liver cirrhosis.

A good diet is essential to keep the liver healthy.  A healthy diet that is low in fats, alcohol and sugar should be followed.  The patient should cut down his tea and coffee intake.  Heavily spicy, deep fried and processed food should be totally avoided because they increase the workload of the liver.  The patient should also avoid any type of white and polished grains.

The food grown and cultivated naturally like whole grains, fruits and vegetable should be taken in plenty.  In the case of liver disease the vitamin B12 and foliate are depleted.  Therefore the patient should take the food rich in vitamin B12 which is found in liver and fish.  Foliate is found in animal liver, green vegetables and fruits.

The food rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that are found in citrus fruits and strawberries, aid the recovery process by supporting the detoxification systems of the liver.  Therefore they are good for the liver patients.   The healthy fats which are found in avocados, nuts etc should be taken moderately.  Using olive oil for cooking is healthier than other oils.

Drinking the juice of beetroot, carrot and citrus fruits increase the flow of bile secreted by the liver, which helps in excretion of waste products from our body.  The liver patient should include plenty of fiber in his diet as they help in cleansing the system fast.

Drinking alcohol should be totally avoided as this will permanently damage the liver.  Once the liver disease is diagnosed the patient should strictly follow the dietary regimen prepared by the dietician along with his clinical treatment.

Diet For Liver Disease

Liver is situated in the right upper quadrant of the abdominopelvic region.  It plays an important role in maintaining the internal balance of our body.  One





Diet For Liver Disease

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