Diet For Maintaining Low Cholesterol Levels

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Cholesterol is dreaded by people by all age group of people and beside exercise you can try dieting and choose a low cholesterol diet or a low fat diet. Following a low cholesterol diet is not tough.

You just have to bring in a little change in the cooking techniques and also, there are many manufacturers who concentrate on low fat ingredients in their ready to eat products.

Include loads of fruits and vegetables in your diet:

Its been said many times before and the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables are unlimited. They are low in calories and fat, ad contain natural sugars. Also, they are very good in cleaning out the toxins from your body.

Reduce intake of fats and oils:

Saturated fat consumption should be very low as it will just raise your cholesterol levels and increase risks for heart troubles. Avoid any food that contain too much vegetable oils especially ones used in margarines and shortenings, as they contain trans fats.

They raise the blood cholesterol levels just like saturated fat and also promotes the formation of waxy, cholesterol plaques on your arteries. Use olive oils or canola oils while cooking as they are high in unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats help a great deal in lowering your cholestrol and keeping your heart healthy. Juegos de Naves Espaciales

Whole grain bread:

Engrave this in your mind ‘ white flour has zero benefits’ , replace your white flour bread to whole grain bread. Ingesting high amounts of carbohydrates can raise the cholestrol level in your body and increase the risk of heart diseases.

Low fat dairy products:

Instead of whole diary products opt for slim, low fat diary products be it milk or yoghurt. This will decrease the chances of heart disease and help maintain your waistline.

Stick to white or lean meat:

Eating lean meats like chicken, fish or turkey will not raise your cholesterol like red meat.Replacing beef with turkey or chicken will be a welcome change for your taste buds and your health. You dont have to cut off red meat completely, just reduce the consumption drastically.Even for poultry, cut off the fat before eating it, also try not to consume the skin of the poultry.

Diet For Maintaining Low Cholesterol Levels

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