Diet For The Treatment Of Hemorrhoids

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When a person is bleeding through his anus, or rectal region, with no stool mixed, it is a potent sign that the person may be suffering from hemorrhoid. A symptom of the condition is, itching in the anus region.

What actually happens is the veins inside the anus gets swollen and thus produces blood and the person can have itching and pain too. This happens when there is an extra pressure due to constipation or due to the weakened walls of the blood vessels. A proper diet, a high fiber diet particularly, can help remove the symptoms and set the course for betterment.

Diet For The Treatment Of Hemorrhoids


Fiber should be the main element of your diet from now on. It has been proven that countries, regions, with high (unrefined) fiber consumption, have lesser cases of hemorrhoids. Alternately, it has also been seen that regions with lower fiber intake and higher refined food intake, has an increased rate of hemorrhoid cases.

The recommended amount of fiber each day is from 20gm-35gm. Lower than that, which the American people do have (5gm-15gm), and you have the recipe for hemorrhoids. Higher than 35 gm of fiber a day will cause a person gas and other problems. So, stack up on all the types of fiber that you can find.

The best quality and quantity of fiber you will be able to find will be from the fruits and vegetables. Start eating fresh green vegetables (especially the leafy ones) and fresh fruits. You will get the soluble fibers as well as the insoluble fibers, by doing this.

The first meal of the day, i.e. the breakfast, make it a wheat bran breakfast. This will kick start your fiber intake as a single serving of bran cereal has about 15 gm of fiber. From the green vegetables you can choose the green peas, broccoli, legumes, beans, etc.

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Other Foods

A particular product, named miso, helps in keeping our veins healthy. This particular product is made by mixing barley, fermented soybeans and rice/wheat.

In addition to strengthening the veins, it helps improve blood circulation, cleansing the liver, helps against flatulence and constipation. Some other products like seaweeds and mochi also helps improving the condition of the patient in for hemorrhoids.


When you are increasing your fiber intake, make sure that you increase your total liquid (water) intake too. Fiber needs high amounts of liquid to digest; so if you are not providing your system at least 6-8 glasses of water, instead of improving you will get constipation; again. Avoid processed and fast foods.

Also try avoiding dairy products and products made of white flour like pastries, breads, desserts, noodles, etc. These will give you hard stools. While having your food, take it easy; do not hurry with what’s inside your mouth. Take your time and chew, before swallowing. You are having constipation and treating the same for a reason.

Sheltering yourself to this routine will not harm you and will only improve your condition; but still, it is advised that you consult a doctor, physician first and take their views on the subject.

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Diet For The Treatment Of Hemorrhoids

When a person is bleeding through his anus, or rectal region, with no stool mixed, it is a potent sign that the person may be suffering from hemorrhoid. A symp





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