Diet For Type II Diabetics

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A diabetic is a diseased condition in which our body fails to produce enough insulin.  Insulin is a hormone which enables the glucose to get into our body cells.  Glucose provides us energy to work and to carry on our day to day activities.

When our body fails to produce sufficient insulin, excess glucose will stay in our blood and cause hyperglycemia. The high glucose level in blood leads to several health problems like heart attack, stroke, autonomic neuropathy, renal failure and vision problems.  The types of diabetes are Diabetics Type I, Diabetics Type II and Gestational Diabetes.

Type I Diabetics

This type of diabetics is found in children and young adults.  The body fails to produce insulin and it is kept in control by regular injection of insulin.  It cannot be controlled by diet or exercise.

Type II Diabetics

This type of diabetes is very common. It is known as non insulin-dependant diabetics mellitus (NIDDM). The overweight people are the victims of this type of diabetics.  Their blood sugar level can be controlled through proper diet and weight loss plan.

Gestational Diabetics

This type is found in pregnant women in their later stage of pregnancy and usually disappears after their delivery.  The patients suffering form type II diabetics should eat a healthy balanced meal to keep their disease in control.  Just cutting down the sugar intake in their daily menu is not sufficient.

A healthy balanced diet with proper combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that provide essential nutrients and a diet which creates an even release of glucose in the blood is essential for the person suffering from hyperglycemia.

A normal person has a glucose level of 70 to 110mg/dl.  After having a meal the level goes up between 100 to 140mg/dl and returns to normal after 1 or 2 hours.  If the level goes above 140mg/dl, the person is considered as diabetic.

The patient should take necessary steps to keep his weight in control.  His diet should include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and should drink plenty of water instead of soft drinks.  Sea food and lean meat are good for diabetics and fats should be avoided.  The patient should take whole grains instead of refined grains.

Dried beans, lentils, sprouted beans, soy, nuts and organic food should be included in the diet.  The non-fat diary products like skimmed milk and yogurt are good for the person suffering from diabetics.  Snacks that are deep-fried, cakes and ice cream should be totally avoided.  Instead of fried food grilled, roasted and baked food should be taken.  Alcohol and smoking should be totally restrained.

A healthy diet regimen, proper exercise, regular check up with the physician, proper medication and insulin treatment will keep the diabetic in control and ease the pain of a diabetic patient.

Diet For Type II Diabetics

A diabetic is a diseased condition in which our body fails to produce enough insulin.  Insulin is a hormone which enables the glucose to get into our body cel





Diet For Type II Diabetics

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