Diet Plan For Summers

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All must have done enough of hogging during Christmas and New Year vacations consuming cakes, rum and cookies and calorie count during this time must have touched the sky.

In addition late night parties have disturbed the gym schedule. Present schedule seem to be complete paradise but effect shall soon appear with bulky tummy and excess flesh. But as elders say “there is always next time”, so we make a systematic diet plans to be followed in summers and shred some of the unexpected gained weight.

Day diet in summers: Start your day with glass of milk or butter milk to attain the energy for whole day. However if both the drinks are added with saffron leaves it will help in maintaining the freshness whole day long. As alternative one can also intake boiled barley or chickpeas water as perfect alternative against artificial energy drinks available in market.

For lunch and dinner it is necessary to maintain atleast 6 hours difference between both the foods. Secondly no matter how bulky you are always take full meal considering, rice, cereals and grains since body needs appropriate nutrition to generate the stamina. LEGO DC Super Villanos - Pelicula Completa Español Latino HD 1080p

Cold drinks and elements in diet: Hot summers tend to take away the body energy and water which further causes the salt and water deficiency, hence to compensate for this deficiency one must consume juices of seasoned fruits comprising important compounds such as saffron leaves, mint leaves, pomegranate or cucumber squash, watermelon or pineapple slush, cumin or fenugreek seeds water. All the mentioned compounds are frosty in nature and rich source of nutrition and minerals required for energy.

There also exist some restrictions which must be followed invariable in summer’s diet. To start with avoid the deep fried and extremely spicy food to stay away from stomach related diseases. If possible include vegetarian food but if it is too difficult to resist include the meat or beef in soups or salads

Stay away from food comprising the sodium, since excess sodium abstain the water level in our body.  Last but not least high calories and refined flour food such as bread, burgers with monies sauce or white sauce, unprocessed cheese etc should be avoided to keep the body light and energetic.

Diet Plan For Summers

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