Diet to Prevent Gout

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Gout is a disorder which involves swelling up of the joints due to deposition of crystalline uric acid in the blood.This occurs because of excessive deposition of uric acid in blood.

The good news is that this disorder can be prevented to a certain extent by making certain changes in your diet.To begin with ensuring that you eat a healthy diet containing lot of fruits and vegetables.This will produce less amount of uric acid than usual.Include foods rich in fibers to your diet.

Whole grain foods, oats, brown bread etc. are rich source of fibers and hence should be consumed on a regular basis to prevent gout.In order to prevent gout it is very important to keep your weight in control.Obese people are found to be affected from gout in most cases.So refrain from unhealthy eating habits.

Cut down on your intake of foods rich in fats like red meat, cheese, junk food, fried foods etc.Eat healthy and keep your weight in check to prevent gout.Certain studies have revealed that foods high in purines have been the reason for occurrence of gout.

Because foods rich in purines produce lot of uric acids resulting in gout.Few foods rich in purines are mussels, sweet breads, yeast, sardines, beer, meats from organs like kidneys, liver, brain etc. etc.So keep away from these foods as much as possible.

Few other foods like lean meat, spinach, eggs, cauliflower, coffee, tea etc. can be consumed in moderate quantities as these also contain some amount of purines.Certain fishes like salmon, tuna etc. should be consumed in limited amounts to prevent gout.Use olive oil for cooking because it is very healthy and prevents most ailments including gout.

We often ignore the importance of water for good health.It is very important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent gout.Water cleanses the kidneys and hence prevents kidney disorders and keeps gout away by flushing all the toxins of your body.

So make sure that you have plenty of water.Keep away from alcohol and also keep track of the kind of medications you take.By following a healthy diet you can efficiently prevent gout.

Diet to Prevent Gout

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