Diet to Prevent Lung Cancer

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In America you could come across a number of lung cancer cases.This form of cancer is fatal and hence should be prevented in every possible way.

It could occur due to a number of factors like smoking, exposure to radiations etc. Family history is another important factor that could be responsible for cancer of the lungs.So you should ensure that you refrain from factors that could cause lung cancer.

In today’s fast paced life people tend to completely ignore their diet.Most studies have revealed that a good diet could play a very vital role to prevent lung cancer.So apart from following a healthy lifestyle it is equally important to maintain a healthy diet to prevent lung cancer.

First and most important thing to do, to prevent cancer is to eat a healthy and well balanced diet.Include wide variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet.The amount of vitamins and minerals present in fruits and vegetables are beyond your imagination.Also keep your intake of certain vitamins like A, B, C, D etc. adequate.Include cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, radish, etc. to your diet.

These helps a lot to prevent lung cancer and many other forms of cancer.Fruits containing carotene like squash, carrots, pumpkin etc. area also known to keep cancer away.So ensure to have plenty of those.Citrus fruits are rich source of vitamin C and hence should be included in your diet to prevent lung cancer.Foods like red grapes, apples, pomegranate, etc. are known to keep most diseases at bay.Soy foods also helps fight cancer.

It is very important to avoid unhealthy foods like junk foods, fried foods etc. to prevent lung cancer.Limit your intake of red meats, cheese etc. as these are rich in fats.Also keep away from processed foods and stick to natural and organic foods for good health and to prevent cancer.

Watch your daily consumption of salt to keep cancer at bay.Also avoid foods rich in sugar to prevent cancer.Cut down on your intake of tea, coffee, carbonated drinks etc.Include green tea to your daily diet.Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and helps a great deal to fight cancerous cells.So have few cups of green tea daily to prevent cancer.Make these changes to your diet to prevent lung cancer and to lead a healthy life.

Diet to Prevent Lung Cancer

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