Diet To Reduce Weight In 7 Days

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Do you have an important event coming up and you want to fit in a certain dress in 7 days.Well, 7 days is too less of a time to lose some weight.

But before you feel sad or let down let me assure you that I have the perfect diet plan for you.

It will need some strong will and determination but if you follow this diet strictly you will surely lose those extra pounds at the end of the diet.So here is the magical diet to reduce weight in 7 days.

The first day you will have to live on fruits the whole day.It might sound really hard but let me make it easy for you.You can eat as much of fruits you want during the first day and you can drink plenty of water also.You can eat melons, berries, grapes etc.

The list however does not contain banana because banana is believed to be fattening.Apart from bananas you can have as many fruits you want.Now you are all set for the second day with a detoxified body.The second day consists of unlimited amount of vegetables.

You can have vegetables in raw of semi cooked form without oil.However you should stay away from potatoes because again potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and you diet plan may not work as well if you include potatoes.

By the third day you will surely start to feel lighter as the process of burning calories start the third day.You can have as many fruits and vegetables as you wish during the third day.You can have as much of them but again you will have to keep potatoes and bananas at bay. Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

Your vitamin, mineral and energy requirements will be met by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.Your body will in a completely detoxified stage during the fourth day and you will have to fulfill your sodium and potassium requirements on the fourth day.So the fourth day will be followed by having 6-8 bananas and 2-3 glasses of  milk.This will fulfill your energy and nutrient requirements.

Fifth day is something you can look forward to as you can have a piece of baked meat or fish on the fifth day.Include plenty of tomatoes to your fifth day to cleanse your blood.

You can have some salad with your meat.Sixth day is the feast day as you can have some vegetable with rice for lunch and a piece of meat or fish with salad for dinner.The seventh day is the day of grand finale and you can have a normal rice with vegetable meal or a salad with meat meal.

You can also have fruit juices if you wish on the seventh day.This diet will surely help you reduce weight in 7 days.But do not repeat it too often.Also ensure that you drink plenty of water during this diet to stay hydrated.

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