Dieting Is No Longer Troublesome With South Beach Diet Plan

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South Beach Diet created by Dr. Arthur Agatston is a distinctive diet plan where people diet along with satisfying their taste buds too. It’s basically a diet plan where people are allowed to eat food in a controlled manner.

Dieters are able to successfully lose weight through south beach diet as it allows them to eat the food of their taste and not just impose the restrictions. Otherwise we can also say that the South Beach Diet is a change in lifestyle where dieters learn to develop healthy eating habits.

While other diet plans focus on the low-carb or the low-fat meals, the south beach diet plan is based on right carbohydrates and fats meal. It includes variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, along with dessert and snacks even on the strictest phase of the diet plan.

The South Beach Diet plan can be roughly divided into three stages. These stages help dieters to lose weight in a fast and systematic manner. The first stage of the South Beach Diet plan continues for two weeks where the dieters observe rapid weight loss.

This happens because many food items are prohibited at this stage which helps dieters to lose up to thirteen pounds in two weeks time. The restricted food mainly consists of fruits due to their high natural sugar content. They are however re-introduced in the next stages. Similarly low-fat dairy products are recommended in this phase. Funko Pop! Black Lady (Sailor Moon) (San Diego Comic Con, Summer Convention)

Ongoing weight loss is observed in the second stage where the dieters are allowed to eat some things out of the prohibited food items and gradually they keep on losing weight. The second stage continues till the dieter reaches their targeted weight. Dieters lose 1-2 pounds per week in stage two.

Here, the dieters are allowed to eat whole grains. Many more fruits and vegetables are re-introduced in this stage which were earlier prohibited in the 1st stage. The third stage of the diet plan is the changes in the eating habits of the dieters. Here people continue to follow the diet plan regularly and develop healthy eating habits.

South Beach Diet plan is based on a simple principle where it replaces the ‘bad carbs’ by ‘good carbs’. It’s basically a change in the eating habit which not only helps reducing weight but also develops a healthy lifestyle in us.

Dieting Is No Longer Troublesome With South Beach Diet Plan

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