Do Not Binge Or Under Eat, Treat Your Eating Disorders




When you come across the words eating disorders, you probably might wonder about this disorder and want to know about it due to general curiosity. Eating disorders are spreading like an epidemic globally, with women coming under the high risk zone of eating disorder.

It is said that it is at much intensity in western countries, as their lifestyle and eating habits are not hidden from anyone. US being the country topping the charts, suffering from this disorder. Eating disorder basically summarizes to a condition of uncharacteristic or unusual eating habits that might be either over eating or under eating of food.


Under eating and over eating, both having disadvantageous effects over your health. The list of eating disorders roughly comprise of nervosa-in which teenage girls are not in the opinion of eating a hearty diet, fearing obesity and bad looks. This eating disorder is very harmful for their overall growth as it can lead to irregularities in their menstrual cycles and weakening of bone which will prove to be very harmful in their later stages of life.

Bulimia nervosa-this tends arise due to excessive work out patterns and in this eating disorder the person vomits out food deliberately after binge eating. This is very destructive for your digestive system and overall body functions. Anorexia nervosa- this is eating disorder is similar to bulimia nervosa in which women tend to be highly influenced by the media and aim at achieving perfect shape by hook or crook, thus resulting in eating disorders.

Women get obsessed with their physical appearance and follow such destructive eating patterns which them the desired results but the underlying harm caused by eating disorders are left ignored in the process aiming well toned bodies. And pica-this eating disorder is feared by many and should be nipped in the bud. This eating disorder is prominent among children.

Eating disorder pica shows signs and symptoms like eating or licking chalk, mud, wood, paper and other non-edible food stuff. Of them all, the two most prominent eating disorders are Bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa, these eating disorders come with related disorders like depression, general anxiety disorder, low self esteem, increased stress levels, gastric problems, constipation, infertility etc.

Research is still going on for gaining the exact reason behind eating disorders, but of the few inferences from the research work. It has been concluded that causes behind eating disorders include fear of increased body weight, being influenced by the “size zero” phenomena that is much prevalent among skinny models these days, emotional stress due to family pressures, social pressures, cultural pressures, emotional disorders, parental behavior and influence, genetic factors, hormonal imbalance, abusive behavior etc.


Who are the main victims of Eating Disorders?

Whatever are the causes behind eating disorders, of the two, men and women? Women are emerging as the main victims of eating disorders, leading to bad physical and mental health, disrupted menstrual cycles etc. Although women are not victims alone, men too come under the trap of eating disorders. Blog sobre salud

Women come out to be major sufferers from eating disorder. As women, are more susceptible to indecent behavior like eve teasing and abusive behavior being inflicted against them eating disorders are evident to occur more in women. As child abuse or abuse of any kind during any stage of a female can target at eating disorders, yet research work is in progress to find out the exact causes behind eating disorders.

Treatment for eating disorders

While undergoing treatment for eating disorders, it is advisable if you work on your emotional quotient. Improved self esteem and self appraisal yield faster results during eating disorder treatment. You need to face the bitter truth and accept you present condition of eating disorder. Acceptance is the first step towards treatment for eating disorders.

Strong will power is a must for your fight against eating disorders. If you have a determined will power, treatment for eating disorders will not be an impossible endeavor. You need to self motivate yourself, though that does not imply that you don’t take medical help, but the key of eating disorder treatment lies within you. After all who knows you better than you yourself?

You need to add color to your life and be more relaxed when it comes to you; you need to enjoy each and every aspect of life that will make your treatment for eating disorders process easy. Do go for a help or counseling, without external aid you won’t bring out desired results while treatment for eating disorders. First of all try to open out and confide to your family members or whom you consider fit to tell.

Psychological Treatment for eating disorders

As communication is the shortest distance between any two persons, you might never be able to anticipate, what big difference would be in your opinion of yourself and what others think of you. And you will realize how stupid was your opinion and you lived in an illusion created by you. This will accelerate your mission of eating disorders treatment and pave way for a new persona involving only you.

Making a visit to the doctor would solve the problem from its root cause and will act as a catalyst in treatment for eating disorders. A doctor’s advice is very essential as he will guide you in right direction and put you in right medication, relieving you of this menace of eating disorder. During eating disorder treatment, it would also be beneficial if you take help from a psychiatrist, as he/she will tell you certain reforming techniques which will make you mentally and psychologically strong,

which is vital for treatment for eating disorders. So for effective treatment for eating disorders, all you need is a well planned therapy session including, tutoring on eating disorder, counseling on nutrition, thorough medical checkup and guidance. It is well said that where there is a will there is a way, so if you have that will and heart to break the shackle of self created misery, your target of treatment for eating disorders would not turn futile and happiness will not be away.

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Do Not Binge Or Under Eat, Treat Your Eating Disorders

Do Not Binge Or Under Eat, Treat Your Eating Disorders

When you come across the words eating disorders, you probably might wonder about this disorder and want to know about it due to general curiosity. Eating disor





Do Not Binge Or Under Eat, Treat Your Eating Disorders
Do Not Binge Or Under Eat, Treat Your Eating Disorders

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