Does Your Diet Need A Rethink?

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If you’ve been trying hard to shed those extra unwanted kilos and haven’t been successful, here are new rules to losing weight.

Low-fat Diets Aren’t The Answer

A low-fat/high-carb diet is no longer necessarily the gold standard for health. This was found after a recent comparison between low-fat, low-carb and Mediterranean style diets by researchers. On the low-fat diet, people lost nearly 2.9 kilos, the Mediterranean eaters lost about 4.4 kilos, while those on a low-carb diet lost close to 4.7 kilos.

Also, low-carb eaters ended up with better cholesterol ratios than low-fat dieters, while blood-sugar levels improved in the Mediterranean-diet eaters.

The message: One diet does not suit everybody.

While any kind of diet chart suits pear-shaped people, on the other hand people who carry more fat around their waist and tummy tend to respond better to lower-carb plans. So, you need to choose a plan that best suits your lifestyle.

Healthy Eating Alone Might Not Keep The Weight Off

A new study has found that women who simply watched what they ate post weight-loss, had less chance of staying thin than those who combined healthy eating with exercise.

The message: If you want to stay slim, you have to start moving. To lose 1 kilo you need to jog or go brisk walk for about three and a half hours a week. Another study now suggests that 12,000 steps a day is the minimum a woman aged 15 to 40 should walk to keep her weight stable. So, now is the time to start thinking of ways to get on to your feet to stay in shape.

Fat Is Not Our Only Enemy

A recent research has found that fructose converts easily into fat. It also changes the way your body processes other factors in your diet. With a high fructose breakfast, a greater than normal percentage of food was stored as fat at lunch.

The message: Always check food labels for added sugars. We’re luckier than Americans as much of our food is sweetened with sucrose rather than pure fructose (though fructose does appear in some yogurts, jams and fruit drinks).

However, sucrose still contains a high proportion of fructose, so limiting any sugar-filled foods will help reduce their impact. Don’t ban fresh fruits, though. While fructose is fruit sugar, the amount we get from natural fruits is pretty small.

Does Your Diet Need A Rethink?

If you’ve been trying hard to shed those extra unwanted kilos and haven’t been successful, here are new rules to losing weight.





Does Your Diet Need A Rethink?

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