Effective Diet And Exercise Tips For Teenagers

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Effective Diet & Exercise Tips For Teenagers

The adolescent period covering almost a decade is characterized by rapid growth and development at all levels namely, physiological psychological and social. During this period, growth is accompanied by hormonal changes, sexual maturation and often emotional bouts.

During adolescent, since the body grows to attain adult stature, needs all the nutrients in increased amounts. In this period of time, tastes develop in full mood. They eat what they want without thinking whether it is good or not. Eating habits are influenced by various factors.

Now a days teenager spend their lot of time with peer group, other social activities, and also in schools and colleges. So, here are some really Effective Diet & Exercise Tips for Teenagers which will help them to eat right food in right quantity.

Effective Diet Tips For Teenagers

1. Calorie requirements are increased due to increasing body size. Teenage boys need 2400kcal to 2600 kcal and girls need about 2200 kcal.

2. Due to increasing body size and weight, iron rich foods should be in daily diet like green leafy vegetable, dry fruits, fresh fruits. This will also helpful for healthy immune system.

3. Calcium rich foods are required in greater quantities for bone development.

4. Empty calorie foods should be avoided like carbonated beverages. It has not a single nutrient but high calorie value.

5. It is not advisable for teenagers to neglect their breakfast or omit it. They should know it is not a right way of reducing weight. Without consulting doctor, it is not good for teenagers to do dieting or crash dieting.

6. Teenagers are generally very active. They feel hungry frequently, so in-between snacks are very common. But in that case it is very important to know that snack should also be nutritious and healthy. It should be low in fat and carbohydrate and rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

7. Milk and milk products like, curd, cheese, paneer, buttermilk, fruit shakes, and whole milk are very healthy option for them as milk has all important nutrients such as protein calcium, fat, vitamins etc.

8. Eating disorders are common problems in teenagers. So keep watch on their food.

9. Not a single meal should be skipped

10. Eating habits should be independent of emotions.

11. Parent should tell their children about harmful effects of fast foods.

12. Teenagers are very fond of carbonated drinks. In spite of this, motivate them to drink fresh fruit juices or fruit shakes. It will provide nutrients also.

13. Healthy and nutritious food can protect them from diseases which occur in later life like diabetes, hypertension, and heart related disorders.

14. Adequate well balanced diet is good to prevent obesity and under nutrition. Todo sobre Tutankhamon

Effective Exercise Tips For Teenagers

1. Teenagers especially girls become so conscious about their figure and start dieting, but in spite of dieting it is better to do exercise to make them fit.

2. Any type of full body movement exercise is good.

3. Exercise is also good to strengthen their muscles, bone growth and healthy heart.

4. Physical inactivity causes obesity. So they should develop their interest in outdoor games, swimming, dancing etc.

5. They should not spend too much time in watching T.V. or Internet. Watching excess T. V. can cause obesity problem in teens.

So, with the help of these Diet & Exercise Tips, anybody can understand the importance of balanced diet and exercise for teenagers as they are the foundation of healthy adulthood.

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Effective Diet And Exercise Tips For Teenagers

The adolescent period covering almost a decade is characterized by rapid growth and development at all levels namely, physiological psychological and social. D






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