Eggs – A Perfect Nutritous Food

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We are quite used to having eggs in our daily diet. Hard boiled, half boiled, omelets, egg curry the list is endless. But do we really know how beneficial eggs are for our health? Even vegetarians include eggs in their daily diet but why is it so important? We all are aware that eggs are highly rich in protein. The egg has quite a good amount protein contained in the egg white and 5 grams fat. Though the yolk is not recommended for persons who would like to diet, the egg as a whole is very good for both adults and children.

Eggs enable healthy and normal brain functioning because it contains a component called choline. Choline is present in the brain and the brain is not able to produce it in required quantity. It becomes important too include eggs in our diet to enhance choline production. Eggs can be called a multivitamin diet…eggs contain Vitamin A, B, D and E. We all know that our body requires a good level of vitamins to function normally.

Eggs are rich in antioxidants and hence help to delay aging as well as give us more immunity against diseases. We may not be aware that eggs are rich in cartenoid which is very good for the eyes and protects us against a number of diseases. Funko Pop! Batman Grim Knight (Batman) (Hot Topic)

You may be surprised to know that eggs may be able to help you in your weight loss plans. Eggs are rich in protein and hence give you a feeling of being full. This reduces the desire to eat and eventually you may be actually losing weight. It is good to note that proteins boosts your metabolism enabling you to lose more calories. In case you are a heart patient or one with high blood cholesterol you may try consuming Omega 3 enriched eggs. These eggs contain Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for the heart. They reduce inflammation strengthen the heart and the immune system.

Too much of anything is not good and the same logic applies to eggs. Include them in your diet on a regular basis and do not overeat. This will help you remain strong, fit and healthy.

Eggs – A Perfect Nutritous Food

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