Fabulous Turkey Thanksgiving Recipe




A dish made of Turkey meat is vital in any thanksgiving party or you can even say that thanksgiving party is incomplete without a turkey dish. As turkey forms the table center piece for the thanksgiving party, choosing the right turkey for thanksgiving party is a critical job.

Turkey meat is available both in frozen as well as fresh forms as well as in basted or un-basted form. Basted turkeys are injected with a sodium based solution and provide excellent taste as compared to un-basted turkey. If you are choosing un-basted turkey, soak it in brine solution for few hours just before cooking to get good taste.


If you are buying fresh turkey, ensure that there is no discoloration of the turkey and not part of turkey is frozen. Buy turkeys from approved and quality shops and each guest would require about 0.75 pounds of turkey; hence calculate the quantum of turkey required based on the number of your guests prior to purchase.

Preparation time- two hours
Cooking time- four hours
Total time- six hour
Turkey Thanksgiving Recipe

Whole fresh turkey with its neck and giblets removed and reserved- twenty pounds

Unsalted butter- one and a half cups of butter or three melted sticks of butter with four tablespoons of butter at room temperature

Dry white wine- one bottle

Salt- two teaspoons

Freshly grounded pepper- two teaspoons

Cornbread stuffing

Dry white or red wine for gravy- one cup

Directions to Make Turkey

Warm the white wine and butter together and soak the cheese cloth in this solution. Then season the turkey with pepper and salt. If you prefer, rub your favorite spices and herbs along with the salt and pepper on the turkey and make sure that you have covered all parts of the turkey, both inside and outside the body cavity.

If you apply seasoned butter under the skin of the turkey on the breast and thighs, it provides a good flavor and keeps the cooked turkey juicy and moist. Keep the turkey as such for two hours and tuck the wings under its body. Blog sobre salud

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Then stuff the turkey with your preferred ingredients like eggs, onion, celery, bread crumbs, chopped walnuts, raisins, chopped green olives, turkey giblets, chopped fresh parsley, pepper, salt etc. Do the stuffing just before roasting the turkey and stuff it loosely, else it may lead to bacterial growth. Make sure that you have stuffed the neck cavity also.

Pull the skin flap close to the neck and fasten it with the help of toothpicks. Also pull the legs of the turkey and fasten them loosely with a string.

Get a heavy roasting pan of about two to three inches high. Cover the seasoned and stuffed turkey with the cheese cloth dipped in butter and wine mixture and keeps it in the roasting pan. Ensure that the legs and breast is covered well with the cheese cloth and start roasting the turkey.

Check the turkey in every thirty minutes and baste the cheese cloth with the butter and wine mixture every time you check the turkey. Also remove the pan juices and reserve them for making gravy.

After three hours of cooking, remove the cheese cloth and apply the exposed areas of turkey with pan juice and roast it again. After four hours of roasting, check the temperature of the turkey by inserting a thermometer in the thigh region.

The ideal temperature for perfect roasting is 180 degree F.  Once this temperature is attained transfer the turkey to serving plate and the thanksgiving turkey is ready to be served.

Fabulous Turkey Thanksgiving Recipe

Fabulous Turkey Thanksgiving Recipe

A dish made of Turkey meat is vital in any thanksgiving party or you can even say that thanksgiving party is incomplete without a turkey dish. As turkey forms






Fabulous Turkey Thanksgiving Recipe
Fabulous Turkey Thanksgiving Recipe

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