Facts About Health Foods And Diets

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The term health foods includes all organically grown fruits and vegetables, whole foods, herbs and foods that are claimed to have mystical properties such as seaweeds, yoghurt and honey. The term can also include vegetarianism and diets based on oriental philosophy.

Some of these categories such as whole foods are, nutritionally good, some such as seaweed and honey, are harmless and some such as herbs and ginseng are quite unproven. Many products sold in health food shops carry claims for non-existent benefits. Even the term health food itself is misleading since it implies that other kinds of foods are unhealthy.

Vegetarian Diet

There is nothing nutritionally wrong with being a vegetarian. In fact the healthy diet recommended by nutritionalists is similar to the diet vegetarians eat – containing less fat, more fruit, vegetables and dietary fibre. Many vegetarians eat egg and drink milk. Those who avoid all animal foods are known as vegans and they are known to be as healthy as people who eat a mixed diet.

The Zen macrobiotic diet is supposed to offer spiritual enlightenment but has no connection with Zen Buddhism. As you proceed from stage to stage you eat fewer food, until at stage seven you live only on brown rice – claimed as an all cure.  Unfortunately some people who tried this diet have died

Whole Foods

Whole foods are certainly better than refined foods. This actually means whole-meal bread and flour rather than white bread and flour. The amount of rice maize and other grains we eat is so small that it makes little difference whether we eat them whole or refined. And the brown sugar is very different from white sugar. Eliminar el salitre antes de la siembra de césped

Organic Food

Most farmers and gardeners fertilize their soil with sulphate of ammonia, potash and phosphate. They add as much manure and compost as they can find. Advocates of organic farming claim that, the use of chemicals is artificial and that foods that are grown in organically fertilized soil are nutrutionally superior. However, tests and experiments on such foods have revealed that it is not possible to distinguish between organically grown and inorganically fertilized foods.

Sea Salt

Most table salt comes from underground mines and is highly purified. It usually has some magnesium carbonate added to make it flow freely. Sea salt is made from evaporating sea water and so it contains many impurities. Healthy foods advocate claims that these substances are beneficial to health. But the amounts present in the salt are so small that they have no effect. And sea salt usually costs twice as much as land salt.


Because of the long history of honey as a food, and perhaps because of its pleasant taste many claims are made for its health benefits. In fact honey is simply sugar and water with small traces of several vitamins. The food value of a teaspoon of honey is exactly the same as three quarters of a teaspoon of sugar.


Herbs have a mystical appeal since they are widely used by primitive people and were used as medicines in most countries. Most of them have no effect, some are poisonous and some contain small amounts of drugs. Some contemporary medicines are extracted from the bark of trees, but there is no reason why healthy people should eat small amounts of drug every day.

Facts About Health Foods And Diets

The term health foods includes all organically grown fruits and vegetables, whole foods, herbs and foods that are claimed to have mystical properties such as s






Facts About Health Foods And Diets

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