Fatless Sponge Cake Recipe

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Sponge cake is the most basic of cake recipes, which can be relished on its own or it can also be used as a base for pastries or with little variation can be turned into different flavored cake all together.

Sponge cake is simple to make with least possible ingredients. I will discuss a no fat recipe of sponge cake here, which makes it even more tempting to be gorged upon.


¾ th cup all-purpose flour

¾ cup castor sugar

3 Eggs

Preparation Method

Break the eggs and separate the Egg white and Egg Yellow. Whisk the egg white until it turns into firm froth. Keep aside. Sieve the sugar and flour together. Now take the egg yolks and whisk it with blender, slowly mix the mixture of sugar and flour spoon by spoon, whisking the eggs continuously. Your cake batter is ready.

Take a baking tray, spray some butter and dust some flour all around it. Alternatively you can also lay a butter paper at the bottom. Now pour the cake batter into the baking tray. Lastly add the whisked egg white, with soft hands. Be careful not to mix it too vigorously otherwise the air in the bubbles will escape. Razas de cabras: British Alpine

Keep the trey in oven which is preheated at 240 degree Celsius for 10 minutes. Bake it for about 45 minutes at 200 degree Celsius. Check in between by pricking with knife, if knife comes out clean that mean the cake is done.

Take out of the oven and let it cool. Now transfer into the plate and cut into pieces. Enjoy your Sponge cake with just a little whipped cream or a strawberry or blueberry sauce on it.

To make a flavored sponge cake, simply add the flavor in batter before baking, like pineapple essence and fresh pineapple pieces, or chocolate chips and chocolate powder. Add 2-3 spoons of milk in the batter and mix well. This is to make up for the moisture level in the cake.

You can also use it as pastry base. Make two sponge cakes with this recipe and remove the crust from all the sides. Sprinkle some sugar syrup. Now you can brush whip cream all over on both the bases and lay over each other.

For pineapple pastry recipe add pineapple essence in the cake batter before baking and topping of pineapple on the cream covered bases and similarly for black forest cake recipe add cocoa powder in batter and once done add chocolate shavings in between 2 bases and on the top .

Fatless Sponge Cake Recipe

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