Food Additives To Avoid

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Additives such as citric acid, erythorbic acid and glycerin have been extensively tested and are not known to cause any damage. However, some additives can cause allergies and have led to tumours and other health problems in rats.

So, always take a look at the ingredients, additives, preservatives, colourants, nutritive value and expiry date before buying any packaged food.

Artificial Food Colourings

Some colouring agents, such as Blue 1, Blue 2, Red 3 and Yellow 6, have been found to cause tumours when tested on animals. These additives are also suspected of contributing to allergies, hyperactivity, asthma and learning problems in children and adults. Artificial food colourings may be found in coloured drinks, colour-coated candies, gummy and chewy candies, and many coloured cereals.

Nitrites And Nitrates

These chemicals can turn into nitrosamines in the body, which can be carcinogenic. Nitrites and nitrates are usually found in preserved meats such as bacon, sausages and salami.


Sulphites can cause allergic reactions , headaches, nausea and diarrhoea in some people. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, avoid foods that contain sulphites. These include sulphur dioxide in fruits, sulphites in grapes and wine and metabisulphites in other foods.


Overconsumption of sugar can cause numerous health problems, including high blood pressure, hyperglycaemia, hyperactivity, yeast problems (candida), excessive food cravings and increased triglycerides (blood fats). Too much sugar also adds empty calories, which contribute to obesity, dental cavities, and diabetes.


BHA and BHT are preservatives that are used in small amounts in products like cereals, soup bases and foods containing oil. They are used to prevent food from becoming rancid. These chemicals have been linked to tumours in lab animals when given in large doses.

Consuming too many preservatives can be harmful to the liver and kidneys, and has been known to cause allergic reactions. Children can be especially sensitive to preservatives, which may cause behavioural changes and hyperactivity.

Artificial Sweeteners

Synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame-K are commonly used in diet soft drinks, candies, chewing gum and many other products. Research studies have found that aspartame can cause brain tumours in lab animals. It should be avoided by pregnant women and children under the age of seven.

Another sweetener, saccharin, has been linked to cancer in laboratory animals. A third, sucralose, which is sold under the brand name Splenda, has had very little long-term research, though it is regarded as safe for consumption.

Food Additives To Avoid

Additives such as citric acid, erythorbic acid and glycerin have been extensively tested and are not known to cause any damage. However, some additives can cau





Food Additives To Avoid

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