Food for Bones: Know What to Eat!

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Your bones are responsible for your shape, your movement, for protecting various vital organs of your body – so is it not important to care for your bones? There are various diseases that affect the bones especially during old age. Bones generally become thin and loses its density as the body ages. However, a few positive steps taken today can keep your bone mass and bone density high at any age.A proper diet, regular work out and a few changes in your lifestyle can make your bones healthy and strong. When kids and adults need about 1000mg of calcium a day, people above 55 need 1200mg of calcium on a daily basis. Let us check out the essential bone friendly foods.


As we all know, calcium is what our bone requires to maintain its strength. Milk is one food that is rich in calcium and should be consumed by people, irrespective of their age. Note that eight ounce cup of milk has 300 mg of calcium in it. What if you dislike milk? You can still get calcium by consuming other dairy products such as yogurt or cheese.

Green veggies:

Green leafy vegetables are the best food for your body. Apart from calcium, green veggies are rich sources of vitamins also. Leafy vegetables like cabbages, broccoli, turnip greens and spinach are loaded with calcium. Include them in your diet for healthy bones. Muestras gratis coca cola

Soy food and Isoflavones:

According to recent studies, apart from calcium, plant-based chemicals isoflavones, found mostly in soy foods are best for bone protection. People in China and Japan consume a high amount of soy food and as a result they are mostly free from bone diseases namely osteoporosis.


You need not try all fishes but have sardines, the fish variety that is rich in calcium as well as omega-fatty acids. Canned sardines can give more calcium than milk or milk products. Sardines are available in the market.

Nuts for bones:

Almonds are yet another source for calcium. Pistachios, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, chestnuts, pecans, pilinuts, sunflower seeds and seaweeds are also healthy calcium sources.

Exercise and Lifestyle:

For strong bones, you need to be active. You can take up yoga, jogging, dancing, hiking, Tai-chi or cycling for maintaining your physique. Too much of smoking and alcohol consumption can also cause severe damage to the bones on the run, so avoid them to the maximum.

Avoiding harmful foods, including nutritious food to the diet and keeping your body fit with exercises will always keep your bones healthy and fit.

Food for Bones: Know What to Eat!

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