Foods That Trigger Migraine

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Migraine is a problem which has affected women more than men. Its patient experience sharp pain in their head which sometimes seems to be unbearable. Though the pain doesn’t last for long time; but as long as it remains the patient’s condition remains worse. Medicines take time to control or cure the problem. However there are some foods that trigger migraine. Therefore you must avoid these foods if you have migraine problem.

Citrus fruits are considered to trigger headaches due to their sour taste. For example, lemon is very good for health and it is also very beneficial for migraine patients. But when it is consumed by migraine patients, its sour taste triggers headache. Therefore if you want to consume lemon juice, mix some honey and water in it to reduce its sour flavor. You will not get headache. Instead of honey you can also mix a pinch of salt to change the sour taste.f

Some alcoholic beverages too are responsible to cause you headaches due to the tannins present in the drink. Tannins are usually used to add flavor to the drink. The more the wine looks dark; the more tannin is added to it. Eventually more tannin will trigger your migraine.

Aged cheese too triggers migraine because of the tyramine present in it therefore you should strictly avoid it if you don’t want that headache again. Pickles are highly responsible to trigger migraine. As mentioned above, any sour food will trigger your migraine; so is the case with pickles. Though they are tasty they are sour too. Just like aged cheese, such processed foods also contain tyramine; a substance responsible for triggering migraine. Even if you are not diagnosed with migraine; yet experience frequent headaches, you should not consume pickles or processed canned foods. HISTORIA de XIAOMI

Caffeine and chocolate are well known for triggering migraine. However, small doses of caffeine may not cause you headache but if your consumption exceeds a limit it will trigger your migraine. Apart from caffeine, chocolate also contains phenylethylamine. Both are responsible to trigger migraine. Therefore if you are a migraine patient, you should avoid it.

Also keep in mind that there are some foods which may not trigger migraine in other patients but may cause you headaches. Therefore you should observe which foods cause you headaches; hence avoid them.

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