Foods To Avoid For Diabetics

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If you are a diabetic person, you must be careful about your diet. Here are some foods which you must avoid eating.

Fiber is very good for heart and diabetics. You should not eat white rice because you don’t get fiber or other nutrients from it. They are stripped off the original rice while processing. Thus white rice increases your blood sugar levels and you have to face many complications. You should consume brown rice instead of white. Similarly, you should strictly avoid eating white flour because it contains alloxan which has the power to destroy beta cells of your pancreas which worsens your condition. Also avoid white bread and other processed foods.

White sugar, whose chemical composition is C12H22O11, is known as sucrose, and has various side effects on your body. Although it is made up of the juice of sugarcane, which is very beneficial for normal person, the sugar made by it through refined process is neither suitable for normal persons nor for diabetics. In fact it is very dangerous for diabetics and can be fatal if consumed by the diabetic patients. Your body quickly absorbs the white sugar and it starts flowing into the blood stream and raises blood glucose level very high. This could be very dangerous for diabetics. A diabetic patient’s condition becomes worse by consuming white sugar. This can cause weakness, dizziness or stroke. It also leads to kidney stones, hypertension or menstrual problems. Kpop – El segundo acusador expone además a NCT Lucas por tratar a los fans como “concubinas” + revela que tuvieron “sexo sin protección”

Apart from avoiding sugar, you should strictly avoid other sweet foods such as pastries, ice creams, cheese, jam, cakes, sweet sauce, jellies, sweetened desserts etc. Even honey, though it’s natural and have many benefits, is not suitable for you. If you are a diabetic, you should not eat chocolates. You should also avoid foods rich in carbohydrates.

Diabetic patients should not eat too salty foods or foods rich in sodium such as pastas, pizzas etc. Such patients should strictly avoid fast foods. You also need to avoid foods containing saturated fats, trans fats or saturated oil. These foods can cause complications and cause heart problems or stroke. Whole milk is not suitable for diabetics. Even egg yolks and meat products are not good for them.

Apart from the above mentioned foods, diabetic patients should also avoid alcohol, alcoholic beverages, caffeine, tea, high-fat dairy products and fruits such as bananas, ripe mangoes, grapes etc.

Foods To Avoid For Diabetics

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