Gastric Bypass Patient’s Liquid Diet

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For gastric bypass patients, who might also be at the verge of having a gastric bypass surgery, among the top things on their list is liquid diet. Even post operation, this diet holds high importance.

In case you do not follow this diet in the period that immediately follows your surgery, you will tend to suffer from extreme pain and end up going to the hospital often. As the name suggests, almost all liquids, be it stained or pureed foods, baby foods or protein shakes, are a part of the liquid diet for bariatric surgery.

The easiest option of these will be the protein shakes. Baby food might not be a very appealing idea to many. Pureed food can be consumed to one extent but this high protein stuff is not preferable when they are not in their normal texture.

Of personal experience, some people say that in the first couple of weeks after the surgery, they whiled away 95% by eating these protein shakes. Liquid protein shakes are fine, however they are. All it requires is that, it has to contain 10 grams of protein at least and the sugar content should be less than 10 grams, in a serving of eight ounces.

The higher the protein and lower the sugar, it is better. Irrespective of the brand, the calorie content will be between 90 and 120. Immediately following your surgery, you will hardly consume eight ounces. So, during this period, you will consume a lot of water and shakes as the stomach cannot hold more than a quarter cup.

The capacity of the stomach will be less only for about six months to a year. Those who abide by this diet for a long time, manage to maintain their weight. Most of the long term patients will usually consume protein shake everyday so that they can cut down on calories.

This will lead to the success of your surgery in the long time. This liquid diet is highly important for the health and recovery of the life of gastric bypass patients. The most convenient and quickest way is to make protein diets a part of daily diet. This will make the future better.

Gastric Bypass Patient’s Liquid Diet

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