Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

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The Brazil nut is basically a South American tree, which is mainly found in the forest areas on the bank of Rio Negro, Amazon and Orinoco. You would be surprised to read that every year more than 20000 tons of Brazil nuts are harvested.

Brazil nuts are highly nutritious and used in preparation of various medicines.  They are also used for manufacturing of various cosmetics, lubricants, and paints, etc. Read the article below to explore more health benefits of Brazil nuts!

Brazil nuts are loaded with healthy monounsaturated fats that keep the cholesterol level of body in balanced levels plus keeps the heart in healthy state.

Brazil nuts are highly rich in selenium which acts as a great antioxidant too. Regular intake of Brazil nuts activates the enzymes that aids in detoxification of rancid fat in membranes. Moreover, selenium is also important for the preparation of glutathione in body that aids in vitamin C recycle.

Also, its regular intake helps in recharge of vitamin E. Not only it boosts the entire body in an effective way, it also guards your body system in a perfect way against various diseases and infections. Construir Una Casa Con Btc

You would be glad to know that intake of Brazil nuts everyday along with antioxidants supplements provides your body with maximum health benefits.

Selenium present in Brazil nuts also helps in lowering down the risk of breast, lung, skin, prostrate and colon cancer, so try to include handful of Brazil nuts in your diet on everyday basis.

You would be surprised to know that selenium converts thyroxine which is the less active thyroid enzyme into an active enzyme known as triiodothyronine.

Do you know that Brazil nuts are loaded with zinc content, therefore regular intake of Brazil nuts helps in providing good amount of minerals to your body? Even people suffering from acrodermatitis enteropathica can get well treated with daily intake of Brazil nuts.

You can even use macadamia nuts and coconuts in place of Brazil nuts in preparing various recipes. Keep in mind that recommended dose of selenium should be 75 micrograms for men and 55 micrograms for women. You can eat shelled Brazil nut either in form of snacks or as a confectionery item.

Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

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