Health Benefits of Tangerine

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Tangerines are nothing, but smaller and gravel skinned mandarin orange having lanced shaped leaves. Tangerines are sour in taste than your regular orange. Tangerines were basically cultivated in Asian countries, but as trade relationship developed, even Mediterranean region started its cultivation.

The tangerine is juicy citrus fruit full of tremendous amount of vitamin C. Tangerine essential oils are very much helpful in treating various ailments. They can be even consumed in raw form in salads, desserts, main dishes. Some of the popular varieties of tangerine are dancy tangerine, Fairchild tangerine and honey tangerine. Tangerines are loaded with vitamin C nutrients and fiber. They are also rich in folic acid, flavonoids, carotenes, potassium, and folic acid. Read the article below to know more health benefits of tangerines.

Tangerine is known as a great cytophylactic as it promotes cell division and helps in formation of new cells. You would be happy to read that regular intake of this wonder fruit helps in repair of any damage or wear and tear of body cells.

The calm aromatic tangerine is highly rich in antiseptic properties, thus it wonderfully protects your body against staphylococcus aureus bacteria that can cause septic in body. The tangerine oil, if applied on wounds or taken orally helps in better and faster healing.

You would be glad to know that regular intake of tangerine helps in keeping stomach in good and healthy condition. It also helps in proper flow of digestive juices. It keeps balance between acid and bile and thus cure any sort of stomach related infection and inflammation.

Regular consumption of tangerine helps in healthy growth and development of body. It promotes endocrinal secretions of hormones and helps in proper excretion from body.

Tangerine oil is well known item that helps in proper functioning of body. It also boosts body metabolism and helps in proper decomposition and absorption of various nutrients by keeping liver, intestines, and stomach functioning in proper manner.

Regular intake of tangerine helps in keeping your nervous system active and alert. It also greatly boosts your immunity system and hence protects you from all kind of ailments and diseases.

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