Healthier Alternatives to Refined White Sugar

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Nutritionists all over the world are advocating that refined white sugar should be had as little as possible as they do not have any known health values. If you are on the wrong side of 30 or if you are suffering from diabetes then the doctors are more likely to suggest that you should avoid white refined sugar as much as possible.

Many believe that white sugar is an impediment to losing weight and you need to avoid it to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Experts warn that eating too much refined sugar can cause a sudden up and down in the blood sugar levels. Doctors say that refined sugar are just empty calories and has no micro-nutrients. But one might wonder what the healthier alternatives to refined white sugar are?


Always remember that unrefined and natural sweeteners are healthier than the refined ones. One such example is the jaggery which is a less processed form of cane sugar and definitely unrefined. Jaggery contains several minerals, is iron rich and is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. You can use jaggery in place of regular sugar and use it in porridges and cereals. Discotecas en las palmas de gran canarias

Unrefined Brown Sugar

This is a simple refined sugar which means that it is captured at an early stage of processing and hence manages to retain some of the micro – nutrients. But still when compared to jaggery, this is inferior. You can use unrefined brown sugar in almost everything.

These are readily available in the market but you need to safeguard yourself against the false brown sugar packets. Most of these packets have just white, refined sugar with a coating of caramel added to it in order to bring that brown color and make it look like unrefined brown sugar.

Artificial Sweeteners

The general medical advice is that overweight people and those suffering from diabetes should opt for artificial sweeteners. They have simply zero calories. They are made of a type of sugar called sucralose or saccharine. Always opt for sweeteners that are sucralose based. But desserts made with artificial sweeteners are a strict no – no.


Natural honey without preservatives is a far safer option than white refined sugar. They are rich in anti – oxidants and full of vitamin B12.

Healthier Alternatives to Refined White Sugar

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