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There are different types of diet plans that are designed for people suffering from asthma. These food programs help in eliminating the allergens and also assist the patients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The right food habits will be effective in treating asthma and also help in developing their health.

The asthma patients must follow a balanced and light food habit. They should not have heavy foods that are too much for the stomach and are also harmful for the patient’s general health. There are different factors that result in the problem of asthma. So it is essential that your diet plan take care of these specific factors. The right kind of food is necessary for controlling as well as correcting the symptoms of asthma.


Asthma can take place anytime and quite often it occurs due to the type of food we eat. There are people suffering from allergy problem with some of the foodstuff and when they have those foods asthma can trigger. In order to prevent asthma attack one needs to maintain a healthy diet. Due to congestion of the mucous membrane of your nose and even due to inflammation asthma generally occurs or starts.

The symptoms that the asthma patient experiences are, running nose, watery eyes and bouts of sneezing. Later the person gets asthma when this problem spreads to the bronchial tubes and throat. When it comes to eating food the asthma patients must be careful about their diet. For the asthma patients turmeric works well. Two teaspoonful of honey and turmeric mixture if taken twice a day, the asthma problem can be solved to a great extent. The asthma patients are always suggested to have light diet.

Select the Most Appropriate Food Program

The particular diet that people follow is dependent on their age. So it is important that the age of the asthma patient must be considered while creating the food program. It is essential that foods are made with simple ingredients and are less spicy.

Heavy meals will put extra pressure on the system of the patient. You must keep in mind that an individual suffering from asthma must not be given any heavy meal as this may make the breathing process uncomfortable and can also result in an attack. So follow the diet that is most appropriate for the asthmatic patients.

The Helpful Foods for the Asthma Patients

There are certain foods that can prevent people from the asthma attacks. Coffee contains caffeine and this is the reason this is quite helpful for asthma. If the mucus can become thinner and open up for easy breathing then the asthma attacks can be reduced and this will possible if the passageways are dilated. By eating certain foods your passageways can dilate air in. The food that should be included in the diet of the asthma patient for releasing watery fluid to lungs, mouth and throat and stimulating nerves are the hot foods like garlic, chili, onions and hot mustard.

Fatty fish, vitamin C-packed foods and onions are some of the foods that should be in the asthma patient’s diet in order to control inflammation of the airways. The healthy diet for the asthma should contain lot of sunflower seeds, leafy green vegetables, dried figs and pulses as these foods have vitamins B. Juguetes infantiles: Tienda Gormiti, Monster High, Trompos Cometa, BeyBlade, Bakugan y muchos más


The patients should include maize, bajra, jawar and wholemeal bread in their diet as this is effective. In fruits they must include lots of papaya, grapes and raisins and green banana, spinach, pumpkin, green papaya and bitter gourd in vegetables. The recommended spices are cinnamon, long pepper, cloves, turmeric, asafetida, cardamom, black pepper, ginger, cumin seeds and garlic. Milk of the goat is best for the people suffering from asthma.

Foods that Should Not be Included in the Healthy Diet of the Asthma Patients

There are certain drinks, foods and snacks that contain E110, E102 and E104 coloring and this should not be included in the asthma patient’s diet. Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited for a person suffering from asthma. Milk of cow, nuts, fish, cereals and eggs should be kept away if you are going through asthma. They should not use sour pickles, cold drinks, ripe bananas, sour fruits. Sea food can be dangerous to the asthma patient and should always be avoided. Instead of taking rice one can take wheat as this is more effective.

The features of Diet Plan for the Asthma Patients

First of all the food plan must be perfectly balanced. It must have all the necessary nutrients and minerals. It should not focus on only one type of nutrient. The nutrients that you consume must be effective in the proper functioning of the body. The food should be healthy and keep you active. The foods must always reflect the right priorities.

Lemon juice is really helpful for the asthma patients and they can have plenty of this juice. Lemon juice will provide different types of important nutrients like vitamins in the diet. This will also offer refreshment. The foods must have lower amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can provide energy but it can worsen the allergic reaction.

You need to have a gradual approach when it comes to adding carbohydrate in your diet. It is also important to have limited amount of fat. Fats can increase the sensitivity level and there are some types of fat that can lead to the formation of allergens. Apart from this, the amount of protein that you intake should also be managed.

You must avoid cereals that produce phlegm. You can definitely eat rice but ensure that its position is regulated in the diet. Different food programs must be followed in case of children and elderly people. A vegetarian diet can be a better option for the asthma patients. This type of food program is light and helps in avoiding exertion of pressure on the system. The asthma patients can also have frequent meals instead of the standard meals. Following the right diet is highly important for the health of a person suffering from asthma.

Healthy diet for asthma patients 1

Healthy Diet For Asthma Patients

There are different types of diet plans that are designed for people suffering from asthma. These food programs help in eliminating the allergens and also assi





Healthy diet for asthma patients 1
Healthy diet for asthma patients 1

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