Healthy Potato Recipes: Enjoy The Taste Without The Calories

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Every time we think about potatoes, we remember obesity, excess calories and we start imagining ourselves as fat and over weight. Potatoes are highly dreaded by the calorie conscious people who make sure to avoid potatoes or rather consciously try to have less number of potatoes.

Hardly have we ever thought of trying out some recipes having potatoes because they have health benefits. Mashed potatoes with Artichoke hearts is one such healthy potato recipe and its very easy to cook.

Ingredients for mashed potatoes with Artichoke hearts:

Large peeled, chopped and baked potatoes -6

Un-marinated artichoke hearts -1 can

Light margarine -3 tbsp

Skimmed milk ¼ cups

Salt and pepper according to taste

Procedure for mashed potatoes with Artichoke hearts:

You need to boil the potatoes for at least 20 minutes until they are tender. Make sure to drain the water. Following this, drain the artichoke hearts, puree, milk and ½ margarine. With the remaining milk and margarine add the potatoes and mix the artichoke puree until the paste is soft and supple. Simply add salt and pepper as per your liking.

Mock-Southern Sweet Potato Pie Recipe is another yummy potato recipe that’s healthy at the same time.

The ingredients for the crust:

Flour -1-1/4 cup

Sugar -1/4 cup

Skimmed milk -1/3 cup

Vegetable oil -2 tbsp Tipos de lenguaje

The ingredients for filling:

White sugar -1/4 cup

Brown sugar -1/4 cup

Salt -1/2 tsp

Nutmeg -1/4 tsp

Large beaten eggs -3

Skimmed milk -1/4 cup

Vanilla extracts -1 tsp

Cooked and mashed sweet potatoes – 3 cups


The oven must be preheated to 350 degrees. For the crust, you must mix flour with sugar. While mixing, add oil in milk and, continue to stir until a paste is formed and shape them into soft balls. Use 12 inch square shaped wax papers as you roll these balls into the wax papers. Use subtle strokes to ensure that the soft balls spread to the edges of the wax paper. You need to peel out the top portion of the paper and invert the crust in the plate needed for the pie.

Blend the spices, eggs, sugar and salt with vanilla extracts and milk. Once they have mixed well add the sweet potatoes and pour this mixture into the pie plate. Let this mix for at least an hour and make sure that the crust is golden brown in color. Let it cool before serving.

Now you can enjoy the yummy taste of potatoes and not worry a bit about gaining weight.

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