Healthy Snack Ideas

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Many-a-time during the course of the day, you feel hungry and want to grab just some small stuff. If you’re working, you know this happens many times in office. This is when you wish you had carried some snack with you. Having snacks is the best way to avoid lethargy at work and bring those small hunger moments to a stop. But don’t mistake “snacks” for “junk food”. A snack is a light informal meal. So, want to know about some great snack ideas? Here they are.

. Fruit is the best snack in the world to have during those hunger moments in a day. Fruits are full of vitamins, mineral and lot of liquid content that helps your body remain energetic and fresh during the day. The best way to eat fruits is to have them the way God made them—without cutting, cooking or roasting them. The best practice is to grab a fruit at 11–12 noon and then at 6–7 pm. In the meanwhile, your lunch and some cookies with tea are a must have.

. Just like you keep your water bottle handy with you on your desk, it is also advised to keep a tumbler of milk, curd or buttermilk with you. Milk and its products contain lactose, a natural sugar and that gives your body instant energy to be on the move always. In addition to lactose, milk and its products also contain fluids that impart the element of refreshment and fulfillment to your body.

. Another handy snack that can work wonders for you are grain foods. These food items fill up your stomach without adding fat to your body. Grain foods are also an instant source of energy because of their carbohydrate content.

. Dry fruits can be another option of providing ready energy to the body. And these are easy to carry as well without doing any homework of cooking or searching for a special tiffin to store them. Your pocket can serve as storage for them. Dry apricots, almonds, cashewnuts, raisins, walnuts, etc. contain fibre, vitamins and minerals that help your body fight tiredness during the day and keep aside fat at the same time.

Replace your junk food habit with eating these snacks and see yourself enjoying every minute at office!

Healthy Snack Ideas

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