How To Bake Foods With Protein

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Protein is very important for our body. It helps to build strong muscles and at the same time it also repairs all the damaged tissues and cells. Along with carbohydrate and fats protein is also needed for our body. Protein helps you to get energy and keeps you active all day long. It is also very easy to make foods which are full of protein. Some of the protein rich food is chicken, eggs, corns, oatmeal, different vegetables. Even fish has a lot of protein and there are great recipes that can be made from fish.

Baked Chicken

It is not at all a problem to bake protein rich food. Chicken has good amount of protein and chicken is one food which you can include both in your lunch and your dinner. You can easily make different recipes for baked chicken. You can simply marinate your chicken with some dried herbs or fresh herbs, lime juice, salt and pepper.

Baking chicken takes very less time say about 30 minutes at a temperature of about 350 degree Fahrenheit. You can serve your baked chicken with a number of sauces like lemon butter sauce, or red chili tomato sauce, a green sauce or you can also go for plain white sauce. Chicken is rich in protein and apt for dinner and lunch. Your baking time will depend on the amount or the size of the chicken. If you go for a whole chicken then it will definitely take some more time.

Baked Fish With Cream Of Mushroom

Fish is also consumed by most of the people all around the world. It is a great source of protein. Baled wish with cream of mushroom is a very easy recipe and can be made anytime at home. For this you need good quality white fish or tuna fish. They are very easy to bake. Marinate the fish with lime juice, thyme powder, oregano, some pepper and salt. Make the fish in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degree Fahrenheit. ▷ ¿Para Qué Sirve La Dicloxacilina? 【Usos, Beneficios y Propiedades】

Now for the sauce heat some butter in the pan. Put chopped garlic, thyme, some drops of lemon juice and put some canned mushroom. Now add double cream in the sauce pan and bring it to a boil till the sauce is thick and smooth. Put some more butter and then drizzle the whole sauce on the baked fish. Garnish with dried oregano and pepper powder.

Baked Beans

Beans are the best choice for people who are not in to chicken and fish and are vegetarians. Soak the beans over night in some water. Next day boil the beans till they are soft. In a pan heat some groundnut oil and put some chopped garlic and lots of chopped onion.

Fry till the onion is red and put at least 3 to 4 chopped tomatoes along with tomato puree. Add the beans. Put salt and pepper and put the whole pan in an oven which is pre heated.  Serve the dish with warm bread or you can roll it on tortilla and have it hot.

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How To Bake Foods With Protein

Protein is very important for our body. It helps to build strong muscles and at the same time it also repairs all the damaged tissues and cells. Along with car





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