How To Lose Weight With Sugar

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The moment you think of a low calorie diet, sugar or sweetened substances are immediately removed from your list of foods. But, have you ever given a thought to why sugar is so immensely frightening for people on a diet? After all, it is not a fatty food.

At most, it is one of those substances that is quite beneficial and actually provides instant energy to the body. Moreover, most sweet foods are great to taste and a little sweetness to anything makes it quite awesome. However, despite these, you can never include sugar in your diet when you are trying to lose weight.

So, how do you lose weight with sugar? The answer is simple. You must understand the basic qualities of this substance and understand how it hampers the formation of a leaner and fitter body. Once you are aware of its pros and cons, it will be quite easy to tactfully handle the sugar factor in your diet.

Whether you eat a sweet chocolate or white bread and pastas, the sugar contained in these foods are not differentiated by the body and it is absorbed as glucose. And the moment, glucose enters your bloodstream, it signals the body to release insulin, which is a hormone that is primarily responsible for fat storage in the body.

Therefore, the more sugar enters your system, the greater is the insulin secretion and this tends to increase the body’s capabilities to store fat. Hence sugar does not help your weight loss goal. But, if you still wish to lose weight with a bit of sugar, here is how you can do it.

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How To Lose Weight With Sugar 

Choose your Foods Wisely

A common mistake that we often make is in choosing foods. Most of us consider protein bars to be free from sugary substances and is often believed to be a great product for those on a diet. However, contrary to this belief, these protein bars generally have a high percentage of sugar obtained from carbohydrates and therefore, must be avoided.

So, check the labels before purchasing any food. Another great way of keeping sugar at bay is the use of vinegar with regular meals. You can complement a white bread sandwich with a salad that has at least 2tbsp of vinegar mixed with it. This would considerably lower the blood glucose percentage due to its acetic acid content.

Similarly, vinegar dressings and pickled food can be used along with foods that supply a greater amount of glucose to the body. Another ingredient that increases the body’s fat burning capacity is caffeine. So, if you are having coffee, avoid the donuts or biscuits that accompany it. This can be a great way of reducing your sugar intake. Even fruits and eggs can help you in your weight loss goal.

Exercise for Great Results

If you follow a scheduled exercise routine on a daily basis, you can still include some sugar in your diet. Exercise would automatically increase the body’s fat burning capacities and would in turn keep the blood glucose levels low, preventing fat storage in the body.

How To Lose Weight With Sugar

The moment you think of a low calorie diet, sugar or sweetened substances are immediately removed from your list of foods. But, have you ever given a thought t





How To Lose Weight With Sugar

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