How To Make A Yummy Apple Pie

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You get up in the morning and a delicious smell wafts out of the kitchen, the smell seems to be known to you and you jump with joy! Yes, you are right it’s the good old Apple pie being baked by your mother.

The pie that you get in the market can never stand up to the ones made at home that too by mums and grand-mums. The pie, you stole to eat, while your mother took her afternoon nap, during your childhood. The pie, that your mom has mastery in and is absolutely delicious.

What joy it used to give you while your mother prepared it for special occasions, be it the Thanksgiving or the Christmas or the girlie party you used to have in your teens. You always considered pie making a mighty difficult task. No, on the contrary, the humble apple pie is quite easy to prepare at home and requires very little effort.

The smell of the baking the spices and the rich, round, red apples are a sight in itself. Apples play an important role in the making of the pie. The fresh seasonal apples make the best pies. So, choose the best that is available in the market.


Apple pie crust (Homemade or the pre frozen ones from the market)

Apples 6 to 8.

Sugar (as per your taste)

Cinnamon Powder (as per your taste)

3 tbsp of flour (the usual type)

1 egg

2 tbsp of butter (or margarine)


Choose a pan and then put the pie crust in the pan. Wash the apples and then peel and dice them and keep them aside. Do not pierce it or place it inside the oven before hand. Instead, just start by filling the crust with the unbaked dough and the apples. One atop another make an even layer of apples and the dough, sprinkling powered cinnamon and sugar in each layer.

You can use cinnamon according to your taste, more if you like cinnamon, other wise you can use 1 tsp, same goes for the sugar. The more sour type of apples will definitely require more sugar. Subsequently add layer of apple and repeat the same process of sprinkling the cinnamon and the sugar on the layer.

Continue to make as many such layers as you want to or your pan permits, space wise. Dot the fillings with butter. Next, place the rest of the pie crust. Cut out different designs like a leaf, an apple, any design on the crust for the look.

Place in the oven and bake it at 400F until the apples turn soft and are baked. The crust should also turn golden in color with time. You can cover the top with a foil paper if the crust turns too brown. Your home made apple pie is ready!


For the glazed effect you can brush the top crust with beaten egg and sprinkle with the cinnamon and the sugar before placing it to be baked, your secret to the beautiful golden crust.

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How To Make A Yummy Apple Pie

You get up in the morning and a delicious smell wafts out of the kitchen, the smell seems to be known to you and you jump with joy! Yes, you are right it’s t





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