How To Make Exceptional Homemade Barbecue Sauce

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Are you on the lookout to swap that store-procured jar of barbecue sauce with something prepared from scratch? Look no further as our luscious homemade barbecue sauce recipe assures that you have empty dishes and no leftovers.

Supreme Barbecue Sauce for Meats and Veggies

Add an inimitable personal flair to your next cooking session by preparing this mouth-watering homemade barbecue sauce that tastes best by allowing flavours to intermingle and deepen the taste.

By simply slow-simmering the sauce for an hour and letting it stay under refrigeration for the entire night imparts a totally unique flavor to it.

Preparation Time- 10 minutes

Cooking Time- 1 hour

Total Time- 1 hour 10 minutes

Servings- 6-8

Granular sugar (225 grams)

Molasses (50 grams)

White onions, finely chop (5 teaspoonfuls)

Extra-virgin olive oil (2 teaspoonfuls)

Garlic cloves (10-15)

Water (160ml)

Orange (Juiced- 240ml)

Homemade Teriyaki Sauce (60ml)

Chipotle peppers (1/2 teaspoon)

Juice of one large sized lemon

Crush of pineapple (2 teaspoonfuls)

Whisky of choice (1.5 teaspoons)


Take the garlic pods and give them a slight bash with a chef’s knife to slightly expose the interiors. Next place them into a mini bake dish and dribble on extra-virgin olive oil all over them, case with aluminum foil and place into a 169 degree Celsius preheated oven for around 45 minutes. One then has to take out the dish and allow it to return to room temperature.

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In the interim, lets prepare our homemade Teriyaki sauce by combining 120 ml of soy sauce as well as mirin (or sake) plus 25 grams of granular sugar into a pan placed over a moderate flame, allow to bubble for some minutes and then set aside for cooling.

For preparing our very special homemade barbeque sauce, we will add the juiced orange, molasses, granular sugar, water, teriyaki sauce into an open pan placed over a moderate flame. Ensure frequent stirring till the mix begins bubbling and then turn down the flame and let it cook. The remnant constituents are to be added into the cooking vessel amidst constant mixing with a ladle.

Our roasted and bashed garlic pods are now to be de-skinned and tipped into the cooking vessel. Allow simmering for further 40 to 50 minutes or till there is a marked reduction in the sauce by almost half and has turned dense or syrup-like.

For all those people who simply relish that smoky flavouring to your meats, a great tip is to add around two to three teaspoonfuls of liquid smoke to the cooking vessel just at the conclusion of the cooking process.

Liquid smoke which is obtainable in well-equipped grocery stores is basically smoke emitted from incensing powdered or chipped wood, passed via water to infuse it with the smoke and works as a fabulous flavour enhancer.

Another tasty substitute to your homemade Teriyaki sauce is combining one teaspoonful each of brown vinegar and tamarind pulp, few drops of chilli sauce and a couple of ground cloves.

This homemade barbeque sauce is the perfect accompaniment to your grilled veggies and meats like shrimps, chicken, steak or fish and really heightens the overall taste of your dish.

How To Make Exceptional Homemade Barbecue Sauce

Are you on the lookout to swap that store-procured jar of barbecue sauce with something prepared from scratch? Look no further as our luscious homemade barbecu





How To Make Exceptional Homemade Barbecue Sauce

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