How To Make Flan




Imagine sinking your teeth into something incredibly delicious, silky, light but also sinful. Yes, a perfect flan can be a true gastronomic delight when prepared to perfection.

How to Make Flan

The sign of a great flan is medium to light darkish caramel sauce casing a smooth, almost wobbly baked custard that has a great texture and taste.


Preparation Time- 25 minutes

Baking Time- 15-20 minutes

Total Time- 45 minutes

Serves- 6-8

Ingredients for Caramel Sauce

Sugar, granulated cane (3/4 cup)

Water (four tablespoons)


Whole milk (200 milliliters)

Condensed milk (400 milliliters)

Cream (225 milliliters)

Vanilla essence (one teaspoon)

Egg (5)


The foremost step is preheating your oven to 160 degrees Celsius. We then proceed with the caramel preparation by pouring granulated sugar into a stainless steel pan placed on medium high flame. On addition of the water allow the mixture to turn brownish which would take some time. Ensure that the mixture is stirred intermittently using a wooden spatula. Continue mixing till sugar dissolution and caramelizing occurs.

No sooner do you get a rich blonde or golden-brownish colour then immediately take the vessel off the flame. Be wary as one could go from a rich golden brownish colour to burnt brown or black within just seconds. Bear in mind that paler colour of caramel translates to a sweetish taste whereas a darker tone would be slightly bitter. Once the preferred colour of caramel is obtained then empty a tablespoon each into every aluminum cup for completely coating the base.

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Next pour the whole milk, cream and then the condensed milk and vanilla essence into a tepid saucepan placed over a stove on moderate high temperature. Mix well using a spoon and allow it to bubble up once after which we turn off the flame. Allow steeping for a couple of minutes for infusion of the flavours.

Subsequently, the five eggs must be whisked momentarily in a medium glass bowl using a wire whisk. Now gradually pour some amount of the lately prepared hot mixture from the saucepan into the glass bowl and mix it in properly. The remnant mixture must then be emptied into the bowl and whisked well. Place the aluminum cups in a roasting tray lined with a dish towel that assists in stabilizing the cups whilst they cook.

Empty the searing sauce into a large pitcher and then start pouring small amounts of it into every aluminum cup leaving a gap of about one centimeter from the top. Lastly, the roasting tray must be filled with scorching water till one-third the height. This helps to cook the contents of the cups in the water bath with the emanating steam and does not allow the mixture to overheat or burn.

Gently slide the tray inside the oven for baking the flan for about fifteen to twenty minutes or till the flan in the cups set. After this time the cups must be slowly shaken to make sure that the flan has indeed set and then take out the tray from the oven.

Remove the cups from the tray and let them cool down prior to refrigerating or chilling them for a couple of hours. Once the flans have thoroughly cooled down then use a sharp knife for loosening the flan from the edges of the cup. Now invert it over a serving plate and lightly tap down on the cup base for easing out the flan. The flan can be served right away though liquefaction of the caramel starts within a day or so. Hence, the flans are best consumed within twenty-four hours.

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How To Make Flan

How To Make Flan

Imagine sinking your teeth into something incredibly delicious, silky, light but also sinful. Yes, a perfect flan can be a true gastronomic delight when prepar





How To Make Flan
How To Make Flan

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