How To Make Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

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Salads are a great way to begin or end your day. Salad dressings add that extra taste and flavor to the bowl of fruits/vegetables/meat. Honey mustard vinaigrette is probably one of those salad dressings that are not just fabulous to taste but also low on calories.

Besides serving its original purpose, this recipe acts as a brilliant dip for crispy or stir-fried vegetables as well as whole wheat bread.

Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Ingredients used in the making of honey mustard vinaigrette are all natural and has less than 9 g of fat in about half a cup. 85 calories is just about right to use this dressing to complete your breakfast or short eat. The primary ingredient used in making this recipe is Dijon mustard that has a pungent taste to it.

This flavor combines well with slightly bitter vegetables or greens. Honey mustard vinaigrette is a creamy dressing that is tangy and sweet at the same time. The flavors that mix in this delectable dip are exotic yet very simple.

Difficulty Level: Very Easy

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

Total Time Taken: 5 Minutes

Serving Size: Half A Cup


Dijon Mustard (smooth or coarse) – 1.5 teaspoons

Honey – Half teaspoon

Canola or extra virgin olive oil – one third cup

White wine vinegar – 1 tablespoon

Garlic – 1 clove minced

Nutmeg - a pinch

Ground pepper – as per taste

Salt – as per taste

Preparation Procedure

Whisk olive oil, Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, honey, salt, pepper, nutmeg and garlic together in a bowl. Gradually introduce oil to top off the salad dressing. Extra virgin olive oil is best especially when you want to ward off excess fat or cholesterol.

Canola oil is equally beneficial and will render honey mustard vinaigrette its much needed authentic flavor. Use salt and pepper to season further if required. You can increase the quantity of ingredients to get a larger serving. This recipe can be stored in an airtight container and refrigerated for even up to a few weeks.

Served Best With

Honey mustard vinaigrette is served best with vegetables, lettuce, greens and chicken. The recipe can also be used as a marinade for pork chops or even meat. For increased heat, try tossing in red pepper flakes or paprika.

Cultural Adaptation

Certain cultures especially the Europeans also used dried basil to further enhance the flavor of the preparation. Although Dijon mustard is the preferred choice to make honey mustard vinaigrette; alternatively, some also use horseradish mustard.

High quality mustard is necessary to yield good results. The preparation works well for dieters and fitness enthusiasts who intend to stay away from mayonnaise based dressings and yet want a killer taste in their salads or vegetable dips.

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How To Make Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Salads are a great way to begin or end your day. Salad dressings add that extra taste and flavor to the bowl of fruits/vegetables/meat. Honey mustard vinaigret





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