How to Prepare Lip Smacking Turkey Burger

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Turkey burger is a mouthwatering non vegetarian snack you can prepare in your own home. Mainly, there are two ways to prepare this snack. One method is to grill the turkey-spicy mixture after making them into the shape of patty. The other way is to fry the mixture after making it into cutlet shape. The second method is described in this article. You can learn it and prepare lip smacking turkey burger.


Turkey 1kg

Cilantro (Fresh) 1/2 Cup

Mayonnaise 3 tablespoon

Lettuce leaves 5

Low sodium soy sauce1/4 Cup

Ground black pepper (Fresh) 1 tablespoon

Paprika 3 tablespoon

Garlic 2 tablespoon

Ground dry mustard 1 tablespoon

Ground cumin 1 tablespoon

Fresh green chili peppers diced 2

Red onion (Medium sized) 1

Worcestershire sauce 1 dash

Ginger (fresh) 1 teaspoon

Vegetable oil

Onion (large) 1

Salt 1 teaspoon


Before you start cooking the dish, you can prepare the main ingredients in the apt way. In order to do that, first, you have to chop the turkey into thin, small pieces and wash them properly with clean water. Then, add those pieces into a pressure cooker filled with enough water. Keep it on the heat and cook it well. Once the meat is well cooked, turn off the flame and reserve the cooked turkey removing the water.

Now, you need to take the cilantro and chop it into fine pieces. Then, slice the green chili peppers properly and crush the ginger well. Peel the red onion and chop it into thin pieces. After that, you can mince the garlic and reserve all these ingredients. After that, take the cooked turkey you kept aside and add it to a grinder. You can grind them well and transfer them to a clean medium sized bowl. Normas para una revista de lolis | Anime en Español

Then, add minced garlic and crushed ginger to the bowl and mix them well with the turkey. Add the chili pepper, black pepper, soy sauce, sliced red onion and chopped cilantro to the bowl and prepare a fine mixture. Add mustard, cumin and paprika to the mixture and blend them well. When a well blended mixture is prepared, add worcestershire sauce along with needed salt and mix well.

Next, you can make medium sized balls out of this mixture and make those balls into the shape of cutlets by pressing them gently. When all the cutlets are prepared, you can heat a pan adding some vegetable oil to it. When the oil gets hotter, add the cutlets to the pan and fry them well. Make sure that both sides of the cutlets are fried and got a brown color.

Once you finished frying all the cutlets, you can transfer them to a plate and allow them to dry the oil. Then, cut the buns into two pieces and spread some mayonnaise over both bun slices. Put the cutlet on one bun slice and cover it with the other. Now, you can slice the onion into thin rings and put some rings over it along with one lettuce leaf. You can follow the same method using the remaining cutlets and buns. Now your turkey cutlets are ready to be served. You can serve it with sour cream and mint sauce.

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How to Prepare Lip Smacking Turkey Burger

Turkey burger is a mouthwatering non vegetarian snack you can prepare in your own home. Mainly, there are two ways to prepare this snack. One method is to gril





How to Prepare Lip Smacking Turkey Burger

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