How Vitamin Rich Foods Can Help To You Live A Healthier Life

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A body requires vitamins along with protein, fats, minerals and carbohydrates. These are the important nutrient which allows the body to work and function properly. You can get the vitamins that the body requires from the various vitamin rich foods that you consume.

Definition of a Vitamin

Vitamins are needed by the body to function appropriately. Vitamins are not produced within the human body. The requirement of vitamin varies from people to people. You will need thirteen various types of vitamins. You can get all of these thirteen vitamins from the vitamin food that you consume.

Significance of Vitamins for a Healthy Life

To allow the body perform and function well, you need to consume vitamins which are organic compounds. To be healthy and fit you need to give your body the large amount of vitamins that it requires. Vitamins do many works in your body. Each set of vitamin in your body does different works.

Types of Vitamins

There are two types of vitamins. The two types of vitamins are:

Water and Fat Soluble Vitamins

Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex group are water soluble vitamins. Water soluble vitamins are washed out or destroyed during food storage or preparation. The fat soluble vitamins are stored for many months by the body. Vitamins K, E, A and D are fat soluble vitamins.

Requirements of Vitamin Rich Food

All the vitamins have some specific and definite functions within your body. Few vitamins work as antioxidants in our body like the vitamin E. There are few vitamins which acts as hormones like the vitamin E. Vitamin B acts as a catalyst for the metabolism of your body. If you do not get the proper amount of vitamins then you might have a vitamin deficiency disease. Each of the different vitamins has various vitamin diseases.

Functions of Various Vitamins Required in Your Body

Vitamin A - You need to consume vitamin rich food containing vitamin A as it is very important. Vitamin A improves your color vision and gives you a proper night vision. It also helps in regulating the cell growth and tissues.

Vitamin K – Vitamin K is very important for the blood of your body to clot properly.

Vitamin B – The eight different types of vitamin B is required by the body to produce red blood cells in the body. The red blood cells help in transporting oxygen throughout the whole body. Vitamin B is required by the body as it maintains the metabolism of the body.

Vitamin E - Vitamin E is very helpful for having healthy tissues in liver, skin and eyes. Hazelnuts are a very good source of vitamin E.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is required in healing. It strengthens up the immune system of our body.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is required by you to strengthen up your teeth and bones. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium.

Vitamin Rich Foods That You Should Consume To Lead a Healthy Life

Broccoli- Broccoli is a vitamin rich food. It is a great source of vitamin K, B7 and B6. You can consume this vitamin food with beefs, chicken, fish. It can be also be added to stews and curries.

EggsEggs are a good source of vitamin. This vitamin food has a good amount of Vitamin D, A and B7. You can consume this vitamin rich food anytime according to your wish. You can consume it soft boiled, hard boiled, poached, scrambled and in many other ways. You can also mix them with other vitamin food and can make delicious omelets.

Milk – Milk is good source of vitamin.  The vitamin rich food milk has high amount of vitamin D, B2, A and B7. You can consume this vitamin food in its own form. You can also consume it with other sources of vitamin. Milk is a vitamin rich food for breakfast.

Nuts - Nuts are a good source of vitamin that the body requires. Nuts are a very good vitamin food and are rich in vitamin B3 and B1. Nuts are a great source of vitamin E. Nuts are a better source of vitamin than many other snacks.

Spinach – Spinach is a good vitamin food that the body requires. It is a great source of vitamin K, A and B7. You can add spinach and other vitamin food to your sandwich. This will help you to have a vitamin rich food which will be good for your body.

The Vitamin A rich foods that you should consume are milk, spinach, liver and carrots. The Vitamin B rich foods that you should consume are peas, beans, milk, fish, eggs, sea-food, meat, poultry and whole grain food. The Vitamin C rich foods that you should consume are tomatoes, citrus fruits, red peppers, strawberries, Broccoli and cantaloupe.

The Vitamin D rich foods that you should consume are fortified cereal, fortified milk, fish, egg yolks and liver. The vitamin E rich foods that you should consume are nuts, oats, seeds, egg yolks, sardines, whole grain wheat, green leafy vegetables and wheat germ. The vitamin K rich foods that you should consume are soya bean oil, green leafy vegetables, yogurt, milk and broccoli.

Effects of lack of vitamins

Lack of vitamins can cause diseases like scurvy, beriberi, anemia and many other diseases. It can result in teeth fall. Your bone and skin conditions can also become bad because of lack of necessary vitamins. This can lead to death at times. While choosing a diet make sure you consume a good amount of every vitamin. Deficiency of any vitamin will lead to many diseases. Vitamins will also help you to stay fit and healthy.

It will increase your life by reducing your diseases. So, it is always advisable that you consume proper amount of vitamins every day. You should include more whole grains, vegetables, dairy products and meat in your diet. If your body is not getting the proper vitamins then you should consult a doctor and take vitamin supplements. In case of any adverse effects also you should consult your healthcare professional immediately.

How Vitamin Rich Foods Can Help To You Live A Healthier Life

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